worst sealed pool of all time? please help

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I am begging for help from the community (my last thread was totally ignored)
I opened this pool for sealed tonight and honestly I think it might be the worst sealed ever opened for the format. Either that or I am seriously missing something. Please, need advice on what you think is the best build.

green has some good creatures but most cost 4+, and I got zero green ramp spells    
in fact, I have almost completely zero fixing
no bonesplitter
got a mythic but it's unplayable
my "bombs" are engineered explosives and skeletal vampire, which i don't really consider a bomb in this format, sooo much mana it's very clunky
so basically engineered explosives is my bomb but it's a sunburst and i have almost no fixing, lovely 
death cloud looks unplayable since i can't 2 color black and something and i have almost no fixing, so BBB is an issue
i have some rebels, no bound in silence though
couple other thoughts on the various colors, i could go on, but really i don't know how to build this pool at all

I looked at a couple builds and settled on BWr
Round 1 opponent was 4 color control with good green fixing, etched oracle, skyreach manta, blue suspends, kiki-jiki, removal, tromp the domains, real nice deck. The sort of deck I just won a draft with the other day. I was no match for it.
Round 2 opponent had a crap deck like mine, but his crap was less crappy than my crap bonesplitter, for instance. He also tromped me to death.
Round 3 I very disappointingly got a bye.

So this format is supposed to be super deep and powerful. Certainly that's been my experience drafting and prior sealed. Did I just get the worst pool of all time, or did I totally whiff on a good build in there?
First, a disclaimer. I never played a game of MMA sealed. But I expect it to be a lot different from MMA draft. Draft is very good, with a lot of different, equivalent strategies, and with a bit of cooperation, everybody can end up with a strong deck. Sealed, not so much. In particular, strong Rebel decks should be rare. Bombs rule the day.

Now, your pool. Green is very good and should definitely be your main color. Just imagine the Cloak on Admirers. Do you take six, or do you double block, and then you're facing both cards again next turn? And he got to draw a card in the bargain? It's a bit lacking in the early game, so I decided to go with red as the second color. And splash black for Drag Down and the two Stinkies (those are removal, pure and simple; repeatable, if you need it). The colors are a bit taxing, but you have the cycler and the vivid land and no double costs in red or black, so most games should be all right.

The curve ends on four. Depending on the matchup, you might want to board out some early drops for the Hana Kamis - they get back the Torrents. Or play the second Cloak. Putting that on the Selkie should be good times. You might even get to play Explosives for four, with the vivid land.

Edit: thinking about it, I might be overvaluing the value of early defense (Stinkies). After all, your turn four plays should keep the opponent firmly on defense. It might be better to simply go RG, taking out the Imps and Drag Down for a Hana Kami, the second Cloak, and Thundering Giant - I really want to play that one. Then, if you meet a deck with a lot of fliers, you can board in the Imps. You have two Penumbra Spiders, which are very good. Another option is a blue splash instead of the black one, for the two Aethersnipes. That one is a monster, and if you are up against a slower deck, it wins games.

So, as you can see, once I decided on green as the main color, I had to make some hard cuts to get down to 40. No bombs, but you should have a lot of game against any deck which doesn't play its bomb.

Go draft, young man, go draft!

White-Green splashing Black looks pretty decent.
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That does look like a remarkably poor pool. The only playable rares/mythics are Skeletal Vampire and Engineered Explosives and I'm not certain about the Explosives.

After a brief look over the cards it looks like GR is the way to go. Your best creatures are in green and your best removal is in red. But it looks like it would take quite a lot to get a winning record. Perhaps this format isn't meant to be sealed, there are a lot of tribal cards and synergies. Sealed is generally about who opened the best bombs, and it looks like that person wasn't you.
You don't have removal, but you have a crapton of recursion. Here:

Acrbound Workers + Test of Faith
Penumbra Spider
Masked Admirers
Moldervine Cloak
Sanctum Gargoyle + Any of your artifact creatures

Are all perfectly swell for the recursion plan. Does it suck you're not running removal? Sure. Have decks won without removal? Yes. Especially when you're able to respond to your opponent's removal by getting your creature back, pumping another creature, getting a token creature, or getting your pump spell back.

And you have the ability to really make some shenanigans happen with Angel's Grace, along with some Affinity hate and some tokens hate in your sideboard.

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It appears that my subconscious may be better at magic than my conscious self; as I just realized in a dream last night that death denied and hana kami are a combo, maybe I should have looked into that? Especially with 2 of each and also 2 stinkweed imp.
Like this?

I don't know... I guess it could be cool, but it seems like a lot of finagling just to get some removal and deathtouch in there.  

I found Carmen Sandiego before you were born unless you're Zlehtnoba.

I think I would go GR and try to beat down - play all your Green cards except 1 Hana Kami and Sylvan Bounty.

Hana Kami goes from a blah 1 drop to a decent late-game draw when you're playing 2 Torrent of Stones and 2 Lava Spikes.

The potential to Splice Torrent onto Lava Spikes is also not completely unfathomable.

Death cloooooud!
Also dredge.

Not sure how powerful this deck is, but it looks pretty synergistic:

I think I'd end up with something like silasw.