Monster xp values

I'd really like to know the thoughts behind determining a monster's xp value. Partly because I like to make custom monsters on the fly, but also because to me, a Dire Rat should be worth more than a Cave Rat since the Dire Rat hits much harder and has much more HP.

Same with some of the other lower level fodder monsters like Goblins and Kobolds. The Goblin boss is only worth 20xp despite having 5x the hp of the normal goblin.

Kobold Alchemist is worth as much as a normal Kobold even though it has twice the HP and a larger attack variety.

I'd just like some reasoning and logic behind monster creation rather than it being a wholely arbitrary choice. Right now I cannot see any theme to why a monster is worth x amount of xp and why it's y level.
I think at this point it IS a wholly arbitrary choice. The designers have admitted at various points that current monster design is a placeholder, since nailing down the math that makes monsters tick can't really be done until you have PCs sorted, which, despite their claims to the contrary, they clearly don't. 

If you're a coder or know your way around a spreadsheet, I suspect you could reverse-engineer the current monster design to find the mathematical framework they're using, if one exists, but unless you enjoy exercises like that in their own right you'd probably be better off just eyeballing it and spending your time on adventure design instead. 

This is a better fit for Playtest Packet Discussion so I'm sending it on that way.


It's my best guess that the monster xp/encounter building bits all need normalising at this stage. Kind of makes it hard to make up encounters and estimate how hard they'll be though.

I'd recommend looking at monster's hp and damage rather than XP.
One cool thing about D&D Next is that, since it uses bounded accuracy, you can adjust only the HP and damage of monsters when you want to make a higher level encounter. Hopefully, in future iterations, it will be clear how to do that appropriately, even if only by example (similar to how easy it is to create a new weapon, because the damage they deal and what features they get are really consistent).
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