charisma hero 3: where do i go from here?

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(Orginially posted" title="">here. thanks to the famed Tempest Stormwind for pointing me in the right direction)

So we started a d20 modern game, and I built a pretty basic Charisma hero 3. Hes a con artist with okay dex and int, so hes pretty irresistable, and more than a little sneaky. I went with the fast talk tree, and my feats are mostly focused on my social skills. Im throwing a +15 to lie. I did pick up Personal Firearms from my background (criminal)

my question is, what do i want to do from here? There are some things I need: Investigate, use computer, disable device, and sense motive. I am also a sitting duck in combat, and Im not sure what to do aside dip in fast hero. I was thinking about a dip in Smart, wise, or fast.  I also dont really know which advanced class to go to. Negotiator and Swinder were mentioned, but i have no idea how those stack up. Im thinking this campaign will end up be a "shadowrun" campaign, where in our group of nere'dowells do unsavory "field work" for coporate exec. Im unsure how long this game will even last. I'd like to focus on lying, being the face, and talking our ways in and out of places.  Anyways, suggestions are appreciated
Dipping Fast and grabbing Evasion I've almost never seen to be a bad answer.


  • Are you going to have access to magic or psionics?

  • Do you have access to any of the supplement books that were printed?

  • Who are the other bastards you've got in your party and what are they up to?

  • Are there any major rules tweaks that your GM is performing that you think we should know about?

No magic or psionics for this game. Just elbow grease, I think. We do have access to the other books, as long as we arent looking at things that would blatantly not fit into the modern day. For instance, Ive been looking at the Swindler from d20 future and Glamourist from Urban Arcana, both recomended by the DM. No house rules, I think.  

The other bastards are, in no particular order:
Stefan Siegal (Fast hero beat stick, essentially, probably going into Martial artist)
Tequila Yuen (Fast hero, two pistols, defintely going into gunslinger)
And the last player inspired by Chyna, that chick from LA Ink, and Michelle Rodriguez, so shes intending to go melee beat stick also. Shes tough 3 right now. I dont think she has even thought too much about her build or anything. 

So basically you have a bunch of people who punch (or shoot!) people in the face, and Im intending for my job to be to figure out who to punch, and to be able to do everything appropriate to those times when punching (or shooting!) is not the answer, specializing in talking. Im leaning towards swinder, just cause the numbers look better (more skill points, better saves, BAB, etc,) but those Glamourist abilites are powerful. the other base classes are indeed an option as well. Im leaning toward wise hero somewhere down the line just for empathy, or skill focus.  

/okay, more than you cared about.  
I would consider a few tough ranks for when you can't talk your way out of things?

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