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Best thread title ever?

Anyway, I want some input on where to go with this deck because I haven't played it in over a month and I don't really keep up with the metagame. That's where you guys come in!

Dimir Charm is probably the weakest maindeck card, it has been decent at best. Notion Thief isn't coming out of the board often, either, because Revelation decks seem to be on the decline. Not sure if that's changed, though.

The plan is to stall with sweepers/spot-removal and dig with Forbidden Alchemy to get Griselbrand in on T6 with haste. If he comes in on later turns, Liliana's -3 makes him a huge hasted beater; I've had him as big as 16/16 on the turn he entered play.

I just need to make it a bit more consistent overall. I've been thinking that Curse of Death's Hold could fit here, but I'm wary of the CMC. How does Illness in the Ranks look in this VoR metagame?

Let me know your thoughts. 
Far // away is a downright allstar, and even though you are running full Grixis to get full benefit from breaking // entering, by the time you can get good use of it your opponent would have already counter stabilized. Notion thief also doesn't do nearly the work that i had fantasized about when they came out and i picked up a set. Even when sided against draw go i have yet to be able to get use of it aside from turning the table on a singleton sphinx. The best use I've had of one was to hard counter a garruk activation, which was pretty hilarious. Other than that I'm looking to see how it's working for you. I've been contemplating sleeving up a similar list as well, and would love to hear how this performs.
I actually use Breaking // Entering as a 6-mana card almost exclusively; it's a really great spell because, unlike Unburial Rites, it doesn't target. Adding haste to Griselbrand means you can create that 14-point life swing while your opponent is tapped out, giving you excellent value even if he's removed on the next turn.

Notion Thief is going to go unless someone tells me that Revelation decks are on the rise again.

I may add a singleton Aetherling as a more resilient wincon, and I'm considering a Chromatic Lantern or two to help with the manabase and provide a bit of ramp. The more I think about Illness in the Ranks, the more I want to put 2-3 in the SB; it helps tremendously against Voice, and completely hoses Lingering Souls and Assemble the Legion.

On another note, Reaper from the Abyss has been pretty stellar; it evens the odds against Voice/Tusk, letting me 1-for-1 them, and it's a 2-for-1 everywhere else. A 6/6 flier for 6cmc is pretty reasonably costed, too.

The Dimir Charms and Psychic Strikes are definitely on the chopping block as far as MB inclusion, and I think I need to retool the SB a bit; Jace is there for control, but I just don't ever find anyone here playing it, so perhaps I'll take a chance and just cut him. If I add Aetherling, I should be able to get away with it. 
Now that I'm not on my phone, perhaps I can create a more useful response.

Breaking // Entering isn't really the part that makes me sad, it's more that Far // Away is in your sideboard.  It's just literally my favorite card in DGM right now.  I can see Sphinx's Revelation decks starting to swing a lot harder post-rotation, and people are already starting to flock back to control now that Wescoe has praised that godawful Azorius control deck that everyone is failing to mimic as well as everyone netdecking Esper now that it's taken a SCGO for the first time in forever.  That being said, it's still a dead card in your hand unless they cast it, and quite likely you won't have the opportunity to hit it a second time in a round because they will leave up full Essence Scatter mana instead of the typical Dispel mana.  You might have better experiences with it than I have, but I just found it to be a wasted slot in my 75, and removed it after my first outing (granted I was playing Esper, not Grixis).

Aetherling is a house, and pending on your meta I'd definitely want him in there as a 2 of, but if your meta is filled with blitz, I'm not sure if I would sacrifice the extra stall to make him more than a singleton.  It's important to close games, but sometimes you just have to survive.  Illness in the Ranks does good to shut down Aristocrats and certain USA matchups that use Assemble the Legion indeed, but against Voice it just seems like a waste.  You'd have to shut down his board for Illness to even matter, and I'd rather just use a Pillar of Flame, especially running Grixis.

As for Dimir Charm and Psychic Strike, both just have limited reason of playing right now.  I could see Psychic Strike being a lot more useful post rotation (pending on what varieties of countermagic Theros and M14 bring, albeit we still have Syncopate and Cancel), but for now, it's a 3CMC catchall counter with a slight mill that COULD be difficult to cast pending on the situation.  Dimir Charm, on the other hand, is just quite useless without Nephalia Drownyard to back you up...which brings me to another point...BU and no drownyards?!?  C'mon sir, I've seen your brews, you're better than that :P

Just a few things to consider for some added disruption to help you stabalize, Rolling Temblor and Rackdos's Return.
Far // Away is going in the MB and Notion Thief is being abandoned, that's a done deal.

Aetherling is a bomb, but I can't see me running more than a singleton; my manabase only has eight blue sources, and no costs right now. The mana restriction is precisely the reason I run Psychic Strike as my counterspell option. I do get some mulligans because the deck really needs a blue source to get going, so that's why I mentioned Chromatic Lantern as a possible two-of; it can help keep my mulligans down a bit while also providing a bit of ramp. Aetherling needs a lot of blue mana to function, so they'd complement each other here.

And I'm almost 100% certain that Illness in the Ranks is getting a home in my SB; I usually do control the board quite well to keep those Voice tokens at 1/1 after I Mutilate the board. My problem is that after I sweep they cast Lingering Souls and flash it back and smack me for 5. Being good against Assemble, Sorin, flipped Garruk etc. is just gravy.

Dimir Charm is decent when you consider that I am trying to get a Griselbrand into my graveyard; the extra instant-speed kill spells against aggro or Deathrite Shaman are just added versatility. That being said, I certainly agree there are better options.

I don't have Drownyards because this isn't a mill deck; I run Psychic Strike because of the mana cost, and if I ever cast Breaking, I target myself to find a Grizzle or set up Snappy targets.

Rolling Temblor got cut after Reckoner hit the scene, and there are just a lot of relevant things it doesn't hit. Rakdos's Return got cut after I moved away from Crypt Ghast, but perhaps I should reconsider it; I feel like Sire of Insanity could potentially be better if I have another big Demon on the board, but wrecking my own hand makes me wary.
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