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Hello everyone,

I am new this forum site but, I do not  know where else to turn to for help. My friend is making a homebrew evil campaign, and I want to make an evil character for but i want it to from scratch. I talked to my friend about it he told me is was fine to make one but i have no idea how to start this or how to go about doing this, but there is one thing I do know that I want the character to manipulate and control the element of ice.

So please any advise or information is greatly needed.
Well, with what you have given I personally can't help you much (though the more experienced posters may be able to give a bit more help). If you could give any more preferences, it would likely help match you up with a better fit.

I personally feel that the sorcerer class is the easiest fit for basing a character around a specific damage type (element). Focusing on ice, I would make a Dragon Soul Sorcerer and pick Cold as your resistance. You would want to pick as many cold spells as you could, although if you can manage to get yourself a Frost Dagger (any level will do) you can make all of your damage, spell or melee, cold. This would even let you take a spell that would normally do, say, fire or lightning damage and make it do cold damage instead.

Thematically fitting with that class selection, as well as a strong race for a sorcerer, would be a Dragonborn; white scales would draw parallels to white dragons if you like that sort of thing, though you are of course not limited to that, and can choose however you like.
I my friend got back with me and told me to think of some backgrounds how i became evil, i did and i came up with one where my parents abandon me as a young child and i was adopted by grand mages of an ice academy where they trained me and taught me the way of the ice mages and they notice the hatred that i had in me at the world because of my parents abandoning me as i got older and my powers grew the fullest and my hatred as well, when i became of age to the grand mages told i had completed everything and told to go into the world and show the world my wrath and the powers of ICe.
In that case I would say that either sorcerer, as I went over before, or wizard would be best classes. Sorcerer would allow you to to pick more ice spells (I believe, not sure exactly how much they vary by) and allow you to get that feeling of wrath. The core difference between the two is that the sorcerer is a striker (focused on dealing damage) and utilizes their own inner power. The wizard is a controller (focuses on controlling combat by slowing their eneimies, illusions, etc) and utilizes the power they learned through intense study.

In short, wizards use the spells they carefully study, learn, and master. The sorcerer uses spells using pure willpower; they don't so much learn the spells as "make" them.

Race-wise, you should just pick whatever feels best with that theme; it will be up to your personal pick for what feels best.
I thing i need to mention is that i am making this character from scratch and that this character powers will not be coming out of any books will be made up just for this person but the weapons and feats will be from books though
I understand you now. In that case, the only thing that I can personally suggest is that you work very closely with your DM and that you should look at similar power to try to balance them. Making a class from scratch is not something I would do without every member of the group being ok with it and with the people making it to have a great deal of experience with the game system. Otherwise, you risk having issues with the class being either too overpowered or too underpowered.
Oh yeah my friend he is the DM this one and another campaign he said it was cool but this also give me the chance to undersand on how to be evil in his game. And the other think it is very cool for this to be.
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