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So, after buying the red box on impulse, and liking a lot what it had to offer, I decided to dive into the world of tabletop roleplaying.

But here is the problem. I almost have everything I need, except for the DM-kit. Somehow I can't get it anywhere. Every site I use can't order it, or they can: second-hand for 60 euros (which is bullmanure for a product which costs, what, 30 dollars? And then I have to hope everything is complete when it arrives. )

Did they stop making the Essentials Dm-kit? Or does anyone know a good website that ships to Europe and where I can pay with paypal?

Where in Europe? (United Kingdom) has it listed starting at £41.77 for new, and 30 for used. (Germany) has it listed at 33 euros for new.
Oh sorry, I should've mentioned it. I live in the Netherlands. 

I could try the German amazon. Hopefully they ship across the border, and not give me the 'we're sorry but the product is not available' after waiting two weeks Frown

hmz, the German website doesn't have it on supply either. I think this is the same as with the Dutch websites I tried... Nevermind, it doesn't ship to my country anyways. 

If anyone has other websites to share, even American, I'd appreciate it a lot. Mind that I don't have acces to a creditcard and am not planning to get one. Paypal shall have to do.
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