[AdventureAWeek.com] Tell your tale in the Library of Adventures!

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The Library of Adventures

Are you a member of AdventureAWeek.com?

Have you ever played an AdventureAWeek.com module?

Were there......

supreme feats of heroism?

chilling acts of betrayal?

hilarious misunderstandings?

moments of intense drama?

impossible odds and improbable outcomes?

Then tell us about it!

AdventureAWeek.com wants to know the stories of your characters within our adventures!

Player submitted entries about their experiences with our products will be posted to the company's blog every Saturday. Although entries from players are preferred we want to hear back from intrepid Game Masters as well – let us know what happened!

Before you begin scribing away, take a deep breath and do us a huge favor – send a short summary titled 'Library of Adventures story' to submit(at)adventureaweek.com.

Your brief summary should include:

the module you used and the chapter where the event occurred.

the names of the characters involved.

a brief explanation (4-5 sentences) that summarizes your story.

pertinent details, as the story demands - a longstanding feud between characters, a terrible tendency for dice to abandon the fighter at crucial moments – that kind of thing.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can (if it's been more than a week don't be too shy to remind us) and if we like what we see you'll receive a request for you to elaborate your story for our blog!

Unfortunately not every submission can see the final page but in those instances we'll be happy to work with you and do what we can for your account to see the light of day.

What are you waiting for? Send us an email at submit(at)adventureaweek.com!

There are stories to tell, legends to bear and epics to be known!

Make your voice heard and come spin proverbial yarns with us in the Library of Adventures!