"All creatures able to block do so"

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When a creature gains or has this abilty, does that mean untapped creatures cannot be assigned at all to any other creature?

This ability is featured on a few creatures, such as:

Golgari Decoy
Taunting Elf
Prized Unicorn 
Usually yes, since normally, a creature can only block one attacking creature. It doesn't mean that for creatures like Palace Guard, but even they must choose the "luring" creature as one of the creatures they block.
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Yeah, that's what I thought; counter-question, what about creatures like Palisade Giant, or Weathered Bodyguards; Would they consume all damage before other creatures, or do the other creatures then still block the creature?
all combat damage happens at the same time*
they will absorb all combat damage, even if it is more than their toughness

*double/first strike being the obvious exception, because they create an additional combat damage step
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So they just absorb the damage, but the other creatures still have to block the creature with the ability, right?
I'm not sure what the two abilities have to do with each other. The lure-creatures need to be blocked by everything, but then all damage dealt by them is redirected to the Palisade Giant

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You've just answered my question; that's what I was trying to ask to see if that's what would happen. Thank you.
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