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Hey guys, i've had an idea for my goblin to use his wolf animal companion as a mount. I was wondering if there was any obvious reasons why I should not do this?
We had a Sentinel Druid in a game for a while, and mobility for the companion was very important. Powers like Combined Strike (I think it is called) allow for the animal to get extra movement. The companions also buff allies that are adjacent, so they frequently need to move closer to allies. Being mounted on it kind of restricts your overall movement; it limits the tactical possibilities. You could of course mount/dismount frequently to compensate, but that also costs actions. IMO, this is a fun idea on paper, but works against your abilities. That said, it isnt like it is unmanageable or unplayable, and if you are sold on the character concept, go for it.

 You might consider also taking the Fey Beat Tamer theme (and reflavor the beast as a wolf) to get your mount - then you'll have your mounted goblin and an extra wolf...


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