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Im considering creating a game world that would start out fantasy and eventually make the transition to have a lot of sci-fi elements.
Sort of like DnD meets Rifts but with DnD rules.

Has anyone ever done this or heard of it done?

Any suggestions or recommendations?
Never done it but it should be simple enough to pull off.

Look into the d20 Modern books, I believe the SRD is somewhere on the wizards site. It has lots of modern and future equipment and rules based in the d20 system that should be easy to convert into what you're looking for.


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You may escape into it at will. You need no secret password, no magic wand or Aladdin's lamp;

only your own imagination and curiosity about things that never were.

Which edition are you playing?

Ultramodern4 is a great third party supplement for modern/sci-fi 4e.

I haven't done it per se, but i tend to blend alot of concepts. Deities in my setting are more like highly advanced robotic caretakers.  
Gamma World.
Dragon Mag from last year sometime had treasures and items from the Barrier Peaks.

Cry Havoc!  And let slip the hogs of war!

D20 Urban Arcana features D+D races in a a realatively modern world. D20 future provides some futuristic stuff. For really futuristic stuff I would go D20 Cybernetics supplement?

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