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Is remote isle considered an island that gets destoryed by boiling seas?
Is remote isle considered an island that gets destoryed by boiling seas?

No.  Only lands with the Island type are destroyed by Boiling Seas, for example Hallowed Fountain
No. It's only an Island if Island appears in the type line (or if some ability makes it one)

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Awesome thanks for the quick response!
Nope. Simply tapping for blue mana doesn't make it an Island. It must have Island on its type like (like Island or Watery Grave) to count as an Island and be destroyed by the Boiling Seas.

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No. Remote Isle has no land type at all, so it is not affected by anything that cares about land types. Only lands that have the Island subtype on the type line (like Island, Watery Grave, etc.) or that have been granted the Island subtype (like with Realmwright) are Islands.

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I ended up casting Stone Rain on the bastard after boiling seas, left him with no blue mana producers so it worked!
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