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 I went to Steam today and found that Dungeons and Dragons:Chronicles of Mystara has been up for the last week or so. This is a compilation pack of the old Capcom Arcade games Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara. Thoses games were set on the BECMI world of Mystara and they were a bit more Golden Axe than D&D they were a lot of fun and better than most D&D games available in the last decade or so. With HD graphics options and unlockable stuff that looks like D&D game notes from WoTC. Only $14.99 as well. While not strictly D&DN related it is good to see the D&D license return to decent video games. 

 Also 75% off Crusader Kings II and expansions.

 Fear is the Mind Killer


Only been out a few days, actually (released on the 18th for Steam and PSN, and the 19th for Xbox Live Arcard)... though I am personally still waiting for the Wii U release before I pick it up.

I do completely love those old arcade beat-em-ups though

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