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Hi I've started reading the DM's book in the new 4e Red box and there is something I cant get my head around. It states that a rogue who uses a melee basic attack does 1d4+ Strength Modifier damage. On top of this on all of the rogues power cards, eg Deft Strike, Bump and Run ect... it states that if a rogue hits with that power they do 1d6+ Dex. Modifier damage. This is contrast, however, to the playersbook in the red box in which a scenario is presented where the rogue jumps off a cart sneaks up to a goblin and attacks doing 1d4+ Dex. Modifier damage. So what Im wondering is when would a rogue ever attack something  and do 1d4+4 (Dex. Modifier) damage? Is there some sort of basic attack I dont know of that does this or is there a misprint on the rogues power cards? I just cant figure it out.

On a side note, what happens if one of my players  says to me in a combat encounter "I approach the goblin and stab it with my dagger"? Do I take it that the character is making a Melee basic attack?, do I tell the character they have to use one of their powers or do I just let the character roll and take it that the character does 1d4+4 damage?
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