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Say you have a monster mounted on another monster. RAW, each of them gets their own turn with the rider moving along with the mount when it moves.

Now what happens when we inject domination into the mix?

Dominated rider: can the rider still order its mount to do a charge or does the mount dictate all of the movement?
Dominated mount: is the rider forced to go along for the ride? Can you have the mount kick off the rider?

Inquiring telepaths want to know!
I'm laughing too hard at the title to answer the question.
Thank you, I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitress. ;)
We had this same scenario come up in one of our sessions a couple of weeks ago - Githyanki Dragonknights riding Pact Dragons, and the wizard summoned a Succubus. 

We didn't find any clear info either, and I think it potentially gets even more complicated depending on whether the mount is Intellegent (Pact Dragon, with Int 15) or dumb as rocks (Giant Ant, with Int 1), even if there is no actual rules text in that regard.

  It seems like the best way to handle it is to handle them as they would be if not dominated - the rider can't stop a dominated mount's action and vice versa, even if the action involves moving the other partner.
  By RAW I don't think there's anyway for a mount to force the rider off.  Also, none of the dominated movement counts as Forced movement so none of those rules apply.

There are other effects that make mounted monsters weird too.  For example, while the mounted combat rules explain how limited actions (dazed, dominated, stunned) work for mounted adventurers it doesn't go into detail for mounted monsters.

  For example, if a monster's mount is dazed, it appears that by RAW the rider can still have his mount move, then Charge (on the mount) and then on the mount's turn, the mount still gets its one action even though it already moved twice while dazed.

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