6/24/2013 FTL: "It's Complicated"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's From the Lab, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Pretty cool combos Mike.

If you liked that you might like the combos in this article: www.infinitegyre.com/2013/06/life-in-fas...

A lot of the same idea of just seeing how weird and crazy a combo can get, just to explore how far Magic can go.

Yes, that was indeed an amusing combo. Nowhere near the largest combo I've ever seen - probably not in the top five - but definitely in the top 10.

For reference, the top two combos are:

23 distinct cards (70ish total cards required, plus a large number of tokens and copied spells): the current version (v5) of My Turing machine, proving Magic: the Gathering Turing complete.

60 distinct cards (and only maxed at 60 because they limited themselves there): SadisticMystic and metroidcomposite's megacombo. Dealing far more damage on turn 1 than there would be atoms in the universe if every atom was in fact an entire universe, but without any infinite combos. A piece of terrifying wonder.

...I should really get around to updating my Turing machine to the version without any "may" abilities. Omen Machine / Wild Evocation allow forcing casts of spells, as long as I completely restructure to have each step be a full turn cycle rather than everything happening in one phase. I'm pretty sure it all works, I just need to write it up.

I'm probably going to rewrite the megacombo too, this time allowing a 15-card sideboard (just for the fun of it...why not?) There is a hypothetical skeleton that would extend it to about 90 cards for a possible Commander-legal showing, but unless we get a suitable replacement for Nectar Faerie, nothing can come of it. To give you an idea, it involves Ancient Kavu, Cytoshape, and Invoke Prejudice.

Another convoluted mess I remember was a 57-card infinite combo that goblinrecruiter had over a decade ago--predictably, no trace of it survives online. One of the highlights in the middle involved playing a Time Vault, donating it, enchanting it with Relic Bind, then simultaneously getting both permanents to switch sides so the attachment remained legal, with the net effect of simply donating the Relic Bind...but it couldn't be done any other way, at least not back then. I don't think the combo even works anymore under modern rules and/or errata, but I would have to remember all of it to check.
The most fun part of the article was the fact that it was two Bran decks going head to head.  
My friend made a deck that used donate or Bazaar Trader to give away Sen Triplets to the opponent and then use Mindslaver to take their turn. Then force your opponent to cast Phage from your hand using your dark rituals (thanks to your Urborg).
Look, we all like Mike Cannon. He's a good researcher, and we all had a blast with his dragons in hats. But, well, Mike started to spend too much time in the lab. He became erratic and confused, rambling on about saprolings and infinite damage. We had to move Mike to a safe place, where he wouldn't cause rolling blackouts across Ravnica. So, from now on, we'll just call Mike's column "From the Asylum."
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