Can Chameleon trigger on a enemy's active perception check?

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Trigger: You are hidden and lose cover or concealment against an enemy.

Would this trigger if an enemy's active perception check beats my stealth check?



It refers to a concealment other than the one provided by hidden's invisibility.

It refers to a concealment other than the one provided by hidden's invisibility.

It doesn't say that, Plague.  It merely says that it triggers on you losing cover or concealment from an enemy from which you are hidden.

If I can hidden because of a combination of powers and feats which makes me not normally require cover or concealment to hide and an enemy's active perception check finds me, then I effective have lost hidden *and* concealment from said enemy.  Why would Chameleon care whether hidden was providing me that concealment?     

It must refer to a concealment other than the one self generated by the hidden status, otherwise the Keep Out of Sight requirement would never come up if considering the invisibility's concealment from being hidden as selffulfilling its requirement. 

Merely succeeding with a perception check to find you without something moving or taking down the source of cover or concealment you're using to remain hidden shouldn't trigger Chalemeon since you should still have cover or concealment that you were required to have to remain hidden in the first place. If you had some game element allowing you to remain hidden without cover or concealment, then you'd have no cover or concealment to loose.

Chameleon will usually trigger when you're hidden behind something or in darkness and an enemy brings light or otherwise moves in a position where you have no more cover or concealment against it to remain hidden for exemple.
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