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So, let me begin by saying this; The Rise of the Winter Sun is my first campaign that I have ever ran and I think I came up with a fairly decent idea.

Here's a little of the background info so far...

The player characters were involved in a previous campaign, that I was going to use. But I decided it would take too long and instead, I started a Dark Sun campaign.

In the previous campaign idea, the player's reached their Epic Destiny's and are being sent to Athas, by their deities to bring Athas and its people out of the Red Age and into another age. The characters are sent through a portal and wake up in a open-topped caged wagon. They don't remember who they are, how they got their or what they did in their "previous life". They start from level 01 and go from there.

So here's how the first session went. I forget how most of the session went, as it was a few months ago and I didn't write anything down. I also winged the entire session. I didn't know the Tiefling's stats and I just let things happen in the initiative order of the players. Although the players had a lot of fun and a few of the veteran players/dungeon masters said that I am a natural DM, I just have some things to remember for next session. I took their advice on that and on a few other things. But enough rambling, here's how it went down.

Also, some of the player's dropped off after the 2nd session, due to work schedules. So I made up some stuff on why they disappeared and how some new characters came into play in the later sessions.

Campaign 01: The Rise of the Winter Sun
Campaign Setting: Dark Sun
Dungeon Master: ElurionDirenFXR


DM: "You wake up, you feel the sun beating down merciless upon you. You're dressed in rags and shackled, insided of a caged wagon. In front of the wagon, you see two Tieflings. The Tieflings are wearing  greatswords (wooden, edged with obsidian) on their backs, they seem to be your captors. The wagon is being pulled by a large, reptilian creature (Bloodspike Behemoth).

You take a look around the wagon and see  other captives. You notice that the land you are traveling through is desolate and barren. There are rock outcroppings up ahead. Behind you, there are two other wagons with more captives/slavers. 

You overhear the Tieflings talking;

TG#1: "Ugh, I can't wait until we get to Tyr to unload these captives. I hate traveling on this road. I heard there is a group of bandits who free slaves, along this road. Doresain would be very mad if these captives didn't make it to him, alive...He is to be paying us a very handsome reward, but once we get to Tyr, we have to find a way to bring these slaves in without being noticed. One of our contacts is supposed to meet us, outside of the city walls and help us smuggle them in. I have no idea why Tyr has decided to abolish Slavery, cheap labor is the best labor and they're disposable..."

TG#2: "Well, these ___ are not disposable. Doresain has big plans for them. Apparently he is going to be bringing back Orc..."

TG#1: "Quiet! You're saying too much and I think at least one of them is awake. Let's just keep this wagon moving. We have a ways to go yet."

And with that, both of the Tiefling Guards fell quiet and kept the wagon moving.

As the caravan kept moving, the sun got hotter and hotter. They were nearly reaching the stone outcroppings. As they got closer and closer, the rocks started to crumble and fall before the caravan. All of a sudden, there was a loud whooping noises and out from the rocks, a few figures jumped down and ran towards the wagon, swords were drawn.

TG#1: "Damn it! I knew it, its those slave freeing bandits! To arms! Slaughter them and protect the captives, or Doresain will have our heads!"
As the Tieflings start to fight the Elf Bandits, all of the captives in Wagon #1 (Lead wagon) are trying to free themselves. Bhagar (Male, Dragonborn/Dray, Paladin) breaks free from his bonds, while the others struggle to free themselves. Malklyr (Male, Drow, Ranger) tries to create a mental tool to cut through his bonds and fails to do so. Ezren uses Psionic Spark on her bonds and successfully lights them on fire, she is freed. She then starts to help free the other prisoners. Bhagar climbs up the wagon (open top) and jumps off of the wagon. He successfully lands. One of the Tiefling Slavers is struck by an arrow to the chest and falls to the ground.

The rest of the prisoners are freed and all are escaping from the wagon.

The Tieflings are fully engaged in fighting with the Elf Bandits. Bhagar runs to the fallen Tiefling and picks up the greatsword off of the ground.

A rogue spark from Ezren's Psionic Spark has apparently lit the middle wagon on fire, all of the captives in that wagon burn to death and the behemoth pulling it has broken free and has bolted away from the caravan, going the opposite direction of the fight.

Yaki (Male, forget what race, Barbarian) has picked up a Carrikal and struck one of the Tieflings in the head with it. The Tiefling falls to the ground and dies.

Ezren searches one of the wagon's compartments and finds: (1) Survival Day, and (1) Desert Clothing (Loose fitting, Crimson Robes).

Bhagar engages one of the Slavers in a fight. He swings the wooden greatsword at the Tiefling, but misses. The Tiefling ducked and narrowly avoided the attack. The Tiefling then swings a Gouge at Bhagar and connects. The Tiefling hit Bhagar's right arm and left a nasty gash. Bhagar swings the greatsword again and this time, he ends up beheading the Tiefling's head.

The rest of the Tiefling's are still fighting the Elf Bandits. The prisoners from the lead wagon, group together and decide to help out the Elves. Except for Malklyr, he decides to try to tame the Bloodspike Behemoth that was pulling their wagon.
The players help out the Elves and together, they finish off the last of the slavers. The Elves offer them a place to rest, heal and resupply. The players accept the offer. So the Elves and the players all climb up one of the rock out croppings. They stand on the top of the cliff and decide to watch Malklyr try to tame a Behemoth...
As he tries to tame the Behemoth, he succeeds in pissing it off and fails to tame it. The Behemoth starts shifting, it lowers its head and it looks like its about to charge.

It does charge, Malklyr starts to run to the cliff where the other prisoners climbed up. The Behemoth is right behind him. He tries to climb up the cliff face and falls down. As he gets up, he dodges the rampaging Behemoth and the Behemoth crashes into the cliff.

Malklyr decides that this is a good time to successfully climb the cliff face. He reaches the top and as he collapses on the ground, on top of the cliff, the other prisoners and the bandits laugh at him.

The other prisoners tell him of the offer and he decides to join them. All of the prisoners follow the Elves through the desert and finally reach a merchant house, where the bandits live. The bandits take them to meet their leader...

So, what are your thoughts on the 1st session? I'll post the 2nd session as soon as I'm done typing it.

Thank you.

As you can tell, I have incorporated Doresain (the Ghoul King) into my version of Dark Sun. I have also incorporated some other stuff and you'll see why, as I post the other adventures.

Needs more Kobolds.

I missed most of the first session so reading the summary was helpful. 

Stop the H4TE

Such as Bych the Mighty and most unmerciful?

Campaign 01: The Rise of the Winter Sun
Campaign Setting: Dark Sun (4th Edition)
Dungeon Master: ElurionDirenFXR

Adventure 02: Rescue the Di'ren Trading House Merchants
Level(s): 01-02
Location: The Ruins of ________________ (The Goblin Slaver's Hide Out)

Continued from Adventure 01: The Daring Escape

The adventurers soon meet with House Di'ren's Master Merchant, Elurion Di'ren. He invites them to sit down.

Elurion Di'ren: "Hile, adventurers. I am glad to see that you have escaped your captors and have made your way to House Di'ren. I must ask you something. I know that you did not ask to be rescued, but I must ask you to go rescue a few of my merchants & bodyguards from a group of Goblin Slaver's. The Goblins work with the Tieflings that held you captive and they have abducted some of my people during the last raid on my Merchant House.

So I'm asking you, to rescue them and you'll be paid for doing so. Nothing in this dirty world, is free. So will you help me?"

Party: "Yes, we will help you and rescue your people from the Goblin Slavers. When and where shall we go?"

Elurion Di'ren: "Tomorrow morning and the Goblins have a hide out in some old ruins, a few hours Northeast of here. I'll send one of my bodyguards with you, to show you the way and to help you out. If the need arises. Now, go and rest. You'll need your rest for tomorrow. Thank you for helping me, I won't forget it."

The party of adventurers wake up in the morning and find their bags resupplied for them. In their bags, contain: (1) Survival Day, and (1) Desert Clothing. They go to the main gate of the outpost and are greeted by Master Di'ren.

Elurion Di'ren: "Hile, adventurers. I hope that you are well rested, here is my bodyguard that is to accompany your party. His name is "Can't remember" (Level 02 Goliath Barbarian). I hope that this mission is successful and that you're able to bring my people back. Thank you once again, I hope to see you all soon."

And with that, the party of adventurers make their way to the Slaver's Hideout.

The party of adventurer's reached the Goblin's hide out without incident. They entered the ruins of an ancient city and went down a giant flight of stairs. They reached a long hallway at the bottom of the stairs. They followed the hallway until they came to an open door and entered a huge hall on the otherside of the door.

When the adventurer's opened the door, there was (5) Goblins that attacked the party (they heard them just before the adventurer's opened the door). The adventurer's fought back valiantly and overcame the small group of the Goblins.

But they are no where near their goal...
Good start to the game, but thought I should point out that there are no goblins in DS. 
Good start to the game, but thought I should point out that there are no goblins in DS. 

I'm quite aware of that, good sir. Yet, here they are.

Taken from the 4th Edition Dark Sun Campaign Setting book, in its entirety.

"The Vanquished Peoples:

Long ago, other races lived on Athas, races that do not exist today. Some were eradicated in the ancient wars, some were either hunted down by agents of the sorceror-kings, and others died out with the passing of the old world. Devas, gnomes, kobolds, ogres, orcs, and trolls are among the races that no longer exist on Athas.

HOWEVER, the Dungeon Master is free to modify this list of vanquished peoples in his or her own Dark Sun campaign. Even if a race was wiped out long ago, its possible for its members of that race to appear as exceptions (with the Dungeon Master's consent). For example, if you want to play a gnome, your character might be a planar explorer stranded on Athas or a hero from the past who was hurled forward to the current age by a magical convulsion. You might bethe only one of your kind in the world, but there's no reason why you can't play the character you want to play."

Reading this, I figured I could introduce some of those races and perhaps other races as exceptions. It says I'm allowed, so I did. Instead of just one single Goblin, there is a marauding group of goblin slavers. There are also servants of Orcus; Doresain, the Ghoul King and Crimson Acolytes. Also, I had one player play a Gnome Warlock, another play a Kobold named Bych (who is currently being passed off as a deformed, "baby" Dragonborn.

My Dark Sun campaign isn't the typical out of the book, campaign setting. I think that Goblins, Orcs and Trolls fit very well into the setting. Sure, they may have been eradicated. But perhaps there was a huge, network of caverns underneath the Athasian desert somewhere that survived the Cleansing War or perhaps, they weren't targeted.

There are many ways why they can/do exist in my version of the setting.

So far, everyone is enjoying it. That's the point, isn't it? Also, playing a complete "pre-packaged" campaign setting isn't my idea of fun. Expanding upon that setting and adding some different elements to the setting, is.

Thank you though, for pointing it out and I'm glad that you think it has a good start. Wait until I post the latest sessions, they get better. ;)
Good start to the game, but thought I should point out that there are no goblins in DS. the time Yaki is done there won't be.

Stop the H4TE

Good start to the game, but thought I should point out that there are no goblins in DS. the time Yaki is done there won't be.

Hahaha, I bet not!
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