Rules for Constructs/mechanical entities in 4th ED?

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In the game I'm playing my character's father was a genius artificer who created a bunch of magical clockwork constructs(we accidentally made Drosselmeyer from the Nutcracker). I guess they could pass for Warforged, at least the larger ones, but there are more agile constructs that would be somewhat equivalent to a Striker(more like the traditional dancing doll types), as well as an aerial support units(which could be reskinned from spell throwing monsters? Not sure what though).

I'm guessing some reskinning needs to be done.  Though I suppose they could just be Warforged mechanically(pardon the pun) and build to be good agile striker types as much as possible, with some house ruling to offset the disadvantages(they are just NPCs though so probably don't need exact classes, just a way to work properly in combat if we decide to use them).

A new player is also looking at the option of playing either a similar construct, or a self-forged type character. The character would most likely be a Rogue and use the construct parts as Thieves' tools. I was wondering if there was any way to do this, or is taking Artifcer Multiclass and paragon path a really bad idea for Rogues. I'm assuming there are other ways of doing the self forged thing, though? I remember some ring or similar that allowed you to attach warforged components.  
Yeah you could either reskin or use a Warforged or Shardmind for what you described. These can still be agile striker afterall.

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Reskinning is your friend and a fully-intended part of 4e.  Anything can be what you want it to be here.
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