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If a monster throws a dagger or shots an arrow, do you roll vs AC or reflex? Thanks
basic monster attacks are usually against AC at low levels.  As monsters gain in level their attacks will usually start attacking Reflex, Fortitude or Will instead.  However if you're using a module to run an adventure, the monster stat blocks are already created for you.  If you're running your own adventure and/or want to create monsters I would recommend looking at monsters from other adventures as a source to help.

A low level kobold for example would shoot an arrow against a targets AC.  However there's another kind of kobold called a Kobold Slinger who tosses vials with his attack which can then attack Reflex, AC or Fortitude for example.  

If you're the DM, and you're creating a monster, it's up to you in the end what your custom monster does. 
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It kinda depends on the weapon being used as well.  Usually, if I am making monsters, not using ones already made, if it is a Str vs. ?? I make it AC if it is Dex vs. ??? I use Ref.  In the end, if you are making up the monster it is up to you though.
Thank you!
If the creature doesn't have a standard ranged attack and is essentially making an improvised attack then it would be against AC. It would also generally do less damage than the regular melee basic attack (half damage is on the low side but easy to use, so I'd suggest that), and probably have a lower attack bonus (2 lower than the melee basic attack is fairly standard).
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