Hi maybe a stupid question but I'm, just wondering, can player characters loot the corpses of enemies they have killed? Me and my group are all pretty new to the game and still havent figured many things out. We are playing from the new red box and a

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Hi maybe a stupid question but I'm, just wondering, can player characters loot the corpses of enemies they have killed? Me and my group are all pretty new to the game and still havent figured many things out. We are playing from the new red box and are still pretty low level, and after one of their first encounters the players asked me if they could take the weapons of the enemies they just killed or skin the wolves that had tried to attack them to sell later. I could give an answer and still am not sure, if anyone could tell me what Im suposed to do in this situation I would greatly appreciate it.
Yes, they can.
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In fact, it's encouraged.

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But note characters get no benefit from the sale of mundane equipment (such as nonmagical weapons, etc.). This prevents the group from hording the arms and armor of their enemies for monetary gain while still encouraging placement of magic items, coins, and other goods on their enemies' corpses.
Thanks for all the info at least now ill be able to answer vsome of my groups questions
One thing to consider - if the treasure bundle you have for a particular encounter includes a magical item, consider having one of the enemies actually use it during the battle, and then its even more obvious they should loot it.  ex: let the bandit leader use the +1 Flaming weapon or +2 armor, and adjust his stats accordingly, but don't go overboard and put too much gear on any one creature, or too many creatures in one battle.
  In 4e, monsters generally don't have any magical gear on them, even the humanoid monsters.  Their combat stats are derived purely through the game rules for creating monsters and not through equipment magical bonuses, so adding magical gear can "screw up the math". 
As a result of most monster gear not being magical, trying to loot and carry all the equipment off of every enemy you kill quickly becomes more trouble than its worth, especially after 1st or 2nd level  (ex: not much point in dragging around 2000 lbs of mundane stuff if its only going to sell for 100 gp and slow you down)

   This was a big change from prior editions, especially 3.5, where monsters followed the same rules as PCs and humanoid monsters in general were carrying level appropriate magical gear, so if a level 10 party fought an evil group of similar level, they would be gaining tens or hundreds of thousands of gp in magical equipment as the enemies would all have +3 armor and weapons, and other gear.  Now, the adjustments to put a monster at appropriate strength are just hand-waved as math adjustment based on level.
Er ... the DMG1 has a longer bit with tables and charts about monsters using magic items.

If a monster can use the magic item that the PCs will get when they off it, let him use it.  If it's a weapon, armor, or cloak ignore the value, and maybe give +1 to relevant stats.  For example, the cool evil leader with the +3 sword?  Gets +1 to hit and damage because of that.  Not +3, just +1.

However, I tend to suggest letting monsters use the powers of the items.

The DMG has tables with "how much of the magic to ignore", which basically boil down to "monsters already get those bonuses, so only give the extra above-par bonuses to the monster for using a magic item".  But since the monster's only going to be using magic items PCs might care about, and PCs only care about magic items that are level appropriate... that basically boils down to "+1 or less".  So that's a simplier rule to keep in mind.

Other bits: Yes, you can loot the bandits and sell their 50ft rope.  But the base economics suggests that most things sell used for 1/5 the new price... so you don't get much for the looting. And then the costs that are relevant area assumed to scale by 5x per 5 levels.  (A level 6 item is 5x the cost of a level 1 item.  A level 11 item is 5x the cost of the level 6 item, and so on) which quickly means it's just not interesting to track the 50 cents you got for selling some random mundane item, when the items your saving up to buy have costs measured in millions of gold...

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    Mostly, by the time you hit 2nd level you won't have any need to take anything non-magical from your opponents unless it's quest-related like a key/journal/map/plot device...
 The only thing you will always be taking is ammunition, since you will always have a use for it and it's cheaper than buying it. Even then, not all DMs even bother to track ammo after the first few levels since it's just such a minor expense.

 A good rule of thumb is to only ever loot useful items, rather than expensive items...
 Rope, ammunition, a spare dagger, a better piece of armor than you're currently wearing, etc.
 If the other guy's armor isn't a significant upgrade over what you're already wearing then leave it. If you don't need the bad guys' rope, don't take it. If you already have six non-magical daggers you don't need another one.
 Never take anything heavy or bulky unless there's a significant and logical reason for it.


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If your players really really really want to loot the 50 foot rope from the corpses or skin the wolves they just killed, let them! One group I play with has a lot of young teens, and for some reason they LOVE collecting all the kobold javelins, short swords, daggers, and other assorted garbage items. Why stop them from having their fun?

They will figure out eventually that they are selling cheap items at 1/5th of the the price which = almost no reward.
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