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I'm looking for ideas for a magic item.

In our actual cmapaign, I'm playing a lv8 psion (telepath), and with my team, we manage to finish one part of the campaign with the best possible ending and got rewarded with an item in the 20k gold.
Since it's given by a god (Loki to be precise) and I don't want a stat boosting item (the DM was kind enouth to let me choose), what would you suggest he could give me (I can choose from the DMG and the MIC, even if at the time I'm writting this post, I only got access to the DMG)?

My ideas so far were:

Mind shielding ring
Invisibility ring
Carpet of flying (the 1st one)
Staff of charming.
A pale lavender ellipsoid or iridescent spindle ioun stone.

Whatever else I'd vote against the Carpet of flying. They are incredibly overpriced for what they do.

I'd second the Invisibility Ring and add the Stone of Good Luck to the mix. Both are thematically in line with Loki and both are very nice buffs. It'll be a while before you encounter enough constant see invisibility for that invisibility to become obsolete and the Stone of Good Luck is a slotless bonus meaning that you'll probably never want to be rid of it.
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