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The psionic "forceful push" power does not have the implement keyword. Does this mean that the bonuses from a Forceful Orb and Orb Expertise do not apply?
Forceful Push does not get the enhancement bonus or extra movement from a magic orb or orb feat because it's an attack that does not have the implement keyword, so you can't use an orb with it, or any other implement. 

Orb of Forceful Magic (if that's what you're talking about) doesn't give you the extra forced movement because you have to make an attack using that orb to get the extra effect, and Forceful Push isn't an implement power so you can't use the orb with it.  Same thing with the extra movement from Orb Expertise.

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Orb Expertise and Orb of Forceful Magic don't work on Forceful Push because its not an attack but a utility power.

RC 90 Power Types: If a Power's Type isn't stated, the power is an Attack Power if it includes an attack roll, or deal damage. Otherwise, it is an Utility power.

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