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If I played a Druid / Ranger Hybrid and took Hybrid talent with Ranger Fighting style Beast master, could I command my pet while I was wild shaped? Using powers with the Beast Keyword?

in that case i may have to see if I can houserule it. Seems kind of silly how a Druid in wolf form could not communicate with my pet who is a wolf?
Doesn't seem especially silly to me actually.
Doesn't seem especially silly to me actually.

Care to elaborate? Wolfs hunt in packs, and use teamwork while doing so.

Explain how you think it would be so inconcevible as to not warrent a house ruling.
You're not a wolf. You're a humanoid shapeshifted into a wolf. Also: magic. It isn't the real world, it is a game. Games have rules. It isn't at all silly that the rules don't let you do everything you can imaigne, because that'd be a terrible game.
I'll also just point out (even though its not really a rules thing), that Beast Master Ranger is generally considered to be not that good.  It has nice flavor to it, but mechanically its a weak option.  I think a lot of people on these boards would recommend instead taking the Fey Beast Tamer theme and then either going full druid, or using the Hybrid Talent feat to take something else like Prime Shot, or the Archer or Hunter combat styles.

 While you can command your beast companion to take it's regular actions while wildshaped since it doesn't prevent you from speaking, wildshape does prevent you from using any Weapon or Implement keyword powers that lack the Beastform keyword, which only druid and a couple of theme powers have.
 So you can't really use very many of your ranger Beast powers - none of them have the Beastform keyword and there are only a ridiculously small number of the ranger's Beast keyword powers that don't have the Weapon keyword as well. As near as I can tell, there's 1 at-will, 4 encounter powers and nine daily Beast powers (out of all the ranger's powers) that don't have the Weapon keyword, which makes them fair game for use while wildshaped.

 Note that none of this has anything to do with you being in the shape of a wolf, since wildshape is strictly a cosmetic change (it changes nothing about your mechanical game stats that's not strictly spelled out in the wildshape description) and you don't suddenly gain the ability to communicate with wolves because you are shaped like one or the ability to breathe underwater when you're shaped like a fish... If you want your druid to fly when they're shaped like a bird, you need to be a pixie or other race with a natural flight speed.


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