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If I played a Druid / Ranger Hybrid and took Hybrid talent with Ranger Fighting style Beast master, could I command my pet while I was wild shaped? Using powers with the Beast Keyword?
No one answered yet? I'm surprised. Well, you may have already gotten an answer elsewhere but here's my 4 cents anyway.

My partner ran a character VERY similar to this (Ranger Beastmaster took Druid MC feat for wildshape). And we had the same question of the GM.

The answer was "I don't know, but let's try it and see if it is broken". It turned out pretty much fine. We didn't have any real issues with suddenly having a ridiculously overpowered situation and so we kept it as a house rule.

Technically, I believe the Ranger has to be able to communicate with to command their Beast Companion. And being in an animal form probably prevents communication. Our DM liked the idea and let her use it. Of course, it probably helped that her Beast was a Great Cat and she would wild-shape into a Cat-like form...

So, like so many of my answers on "grey areas" I would suggest talking with the DM to see what they say. 

 Wildshape changes nothing about your game statistics - if you can speak and ride a bicycle in your regular humanoid form and you turn into a fish, you are now a talking fish riding a bicycle...


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Since presumably it's a supernatural-based form of communication in the first place I'd allow it, but I'd put in the provision that the critter you change into must not be a natural enemy/prey of your companion's species, otherwise there should be a penalty becaue the critter has to fight it's own instincts. (humans are not the normal prey for most animals so in their natural form this instinct would not be triggered)
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