Mage's Weapon and Multiclass Encounter power

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I had a question between the interaction between Mage's Weapon's encounter power,
 and the at-will given to you as an encounter power with multiclass warlock.
Can I use the Mage's Weapon power to expend my use of my multiclass encounter power
 to get another use of my level 1 encounter power from my class?
If your other class is Martial, I don't see why not. 
That's what I figgured, but with an At-Will being turned into an encounter power, I dunno just seemed too good to be true. Now I start the fun of asking my DM if he will let me do that, so I can have another usage of Powerful Warning every encounter.
The key wording would be that it says it gives you the at-will as an encounter, but it still is an at-will power usable once per encounter.

Similarily it wouldn't count as an encounter power when considering other features, like the Impending Victory feat or the Rogue's Recovery power.

Edit: Wait, what am I saying - isn't it  the other way around, that it would be only the multiclasses who have the "can use once per encounter" it wouldn't work with? I think it would work still, though I became quite uncertain...
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