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Im making an auto-fill excel spreadsheet for D&D next, but Im having one hang up. I can not figure out the equasion for the XP table. Anyone know this?

A spreadsheet for what? Monsters?
A spreadsheet for what? Monsters?

No, Im making an excel spreadsheet for players. Including what level you are, and it auto populates the "XP for next level" section. I just cant figure out the XP equasion for D&DN.

I did work as an Excel expert for a while, so it'll hopefully be very fleshed out.

I have tried to derive a formula from that table, but it seems completely arbitrary. The gap between some levels is much bigger or smaller than others, as a linear or quadratic function it makes no sense.
I think your going to have to store the xp chart into an array. I don't think there is a formula.

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I think you're both right. I do think its arbitrary....It was just the way the numbers "looked" I thought there would be a table. Oh well, no biggie. Array time. Thanks for the look-see.

Were you ever successful at creating your spreadsheet?  Would you be willing to share?
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