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I need some help creating a character not found in the Player's Handbook for 4e DnD.  I once made a nymph/orc or Nymphorc or however you wanna call it, in 3rd edition, but I know when 4th came around (which I only finally got chance to play it!), so I need some help making this character a reality again. My DM said that as long as it was balanced and made sense, he'd allowed me to use the character. 

In case you guys need the backstory to know how the character works, my character is the offspring of an orc that forced himself on a Nymph. My DM allowed my character to be a male, and he basically looked like handsome half-orc, if you can picture this. He was raised by his nymph mother and ventured into world young, and gained character traits of the orc and nymph to a lesser degree. Thing is, I used this character a LONG time ago, so I don't remember how we consolidated the races!

Help me out! 

Your best bet is to find a race that is close to what your looking for. Change languages, pick what skill bonuses you think might fit etc. Then modify whatever power(s) it gets to suit you desires.

I would actually start with half-orc and change it just a little because you are in fact a Half-Orc just a little different than the normal Half-Orc
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I have my 3rd edition character sheet and 3rd edition official half-nymph template that was actually provided to me in these forums, like 7 or 8 years ago. Can I just convert that character to 4th edition, and how? How do I know which stats increase with upon character creation? My DM wants to keep my character balanced between powers and ability scores without over or underpowering the character. 

Thanks! Laughing
A full conversion is possable it just takes a lot of work. For the race my advice remains the same look to other races and balance it against them they all follow a set pattern. X Languages, +2 bonus to 2 skills, 1 static ability and 1 or 2 limited powers. Balance as best as you can and ask your DM if it looks ok.

Your class, I assume is core so just look to that for HP and SP changes, weapons and armor etc. Most core feats are there just a little different, if it's from other books you will have to look around for a close match or provide specific examples to track down the best match. You will probably have a different number of feats as well. Then just pick which powers you like best.  

Is the method for stats the same on both games? (Rolling or Point buy).
If your Point Buying then you just have to get as close as possable to what your looking for then go from there. (see next)

If you rolled then no change past racial and level adjustments. (Subtract old racial and inherent bonuses add new racial and inherent bonuses.)   

No wonder the locals hate me.
I showed my DM your answer, we're gonna go with it. Thanks! Can't wait to play again!
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