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Hi all...

I am extremely new to Dungeons & Dragons. I stumbled upon a few campaigns on YouTube. I watched a few of them over the past few days. I was hooked and really want to get into the game. So I figured I'd sign up for a DDI subscription to help better understand the game. Problem is that now I feel that I'm way in over my head haha.

I was planning on picking up a Red Box from my local game shop tomorrow (since that seems to be the starter kit), but thought about using the character builder and other resources online to get my feet wet.

As of right now I don't know anyone else that plays. I'm really hoping the local comic/game shop has an evening or two where they get together. Hopefully they do, and I could connect and learn that way.

So I guess my question is that if anyone has any starting point, or advice for how to get my feet wet into things, I'd really appreciate it.
Get the Red Box and play the solo adventure.  Then see if you can round up some friends to play the rest of the Red Box adventure.

Check out your local game shops for D&D Encounters weekly events.  Just check to see if they're playing 4e or D&D Next playtesting.  If you just got into DDi and are going to get the Red Box, the Next playtest isn't going to really be what you want.  4th edition/Essentials is the current version of D&D.


Next step, get yourself one of both of the Heroes Of ... books and the Rules Compendium.  If you want to DM, also get yourself the DM's Kit and maybe one or both Monster Vault books (though all the monsters will be online in the Compendium). 

All the while, play around with the CB and online Compendium, etc. and feel free to ask lots of questions on these boards.

Happy gaming!

OD&D, 1E and 2E challenged the player. 3E challenged the character, not the player. Now 4E takes it a step further by challenging a GROUP OF PLAYERS to work together as a TEAM. That's why I love 4E.

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"Challenge" is overrated.  "Immersion" is usually just a more pretentious way of saying "having fun playing D&D."

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