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Todays random card is...

Ashenmoor Cohort

This card is just bad.  6 mana for a 4/3 is way to much and even if you get the boost 6 mana for a 5/4 isn't much better.  The only thing I can really say that's kind of positive is he was playable in limited if you needed another card.

Thumbs down

The "elemental warrior" tribes were relevant back then, too, but this is still terrible. I hate when cards have conditional boosts that still don't make them worthwhile. Thumbs way down. 

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fills the slot for overpriced common cards

at least, it's big

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Maybe if mana cost was , it would be OK...
Worst of the Cohort cycle 

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THE COALITION WAR GAME -Phyrexian Chief Praetor
Round 1: (4-1-2, 1 kill)
Round 2: (16-8-2, 4 kills)
Round 3: (18-9-2, 1 kill)
Round 4: (22-10-0, 2 kills)
Round 5: (56-16-3, 9 kills)
Round 6: (8-7-1)

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This just bad.

Thumbs down.
Well even if I wasn't slightly biased towards creatures that are built to do nothing aside from taking on the opponent head on, this one's pretty ordinary.

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