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I have 3 opponents. I have a pyrohemia and a Chandra's Spitfire on the battlefield. I activate the pyrohemia one time. What will the spitfire's power be when everything resolves.
10/3 with 1 damage marked on it
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Why is this different than having a Blaze Commando on the battlefield with 5 other creatures and I play a pyroclasm, resulting in the commando's ability only triggering once. With the previous spitfire, pyrohemia example the spitfire's ability triggers multiple times. I am a little confused.
the difference is between "deals damage" and "deals damage to an opponent"

there is a similar difference between "becomes blocked" and "becomes blocked by a creature"
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The Blaze Commando is only checking each instant or sorcery to see if any damage at all is delt. if so, it triggers, if not, it doesn't. The Spitfire is checking for each instance of non-combat damage your opponents take. You have 3 oppoonents, each takes 1 damage, the spitfire sees each opponent taking that damage and counts them independantly. When the pyroclasm hits (in the other example) the commando looks and says 'hey, that pyroclasm delt damage. cool.' different wording, but an important difference.
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