Boots of Mighty Charge + multiple attacks

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With the Daily from Boots of Mighty Charge do you get bonuses on each attack from bonuses you get charging when used on an encounter ability that is attacks mutliple times? 

Example- Charging on target, use Rain of Blows. Have surprising charge, horned charge, vanguard weapon. Does each attack get +1 to attack for charging + all the other bonuses of charging?

So rain of blows would be for example

1d20+1+x to attack for each attack

1d8 for weapon, 1d8 for vanguard, 1d6 for horned, 1d8 for surprising charge. for each attack that hits?

For a total of 9d8+1d6 if all hits? 
Yes to all. That's the point of Encounter-Charging.
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