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I was wondering, what do you guys think we need to at least be able to cook up something that's passable for Eberron without full suport from wizards in DnD next. To me Eberron is mostly about the feeling playing in that world gives me. The thought that the PCs are larger than life and destinied for greatness from level one. There is of course mechanics that I will need to have as well. My list includes.

Some sort of action points: I hated how they ended up being used in 3.5 at least with my group. "Oh noes, save me from the fumble!!!!" But I loved the intention, that once in a while the PC's could muster up some hidden resource and be really lucky.

Dragonmarks: Keith have always been clear that the marks makes the bearers better at crafting and making stuff than the common man. So this needs to be the focus this time around as well. But how they do this, I don't know.

The races: So we have started a warforged thread, but we also need the shifter, the kalashtar and the changeling. And they need to be easy to grasp and use, just like the other races. 

I'm sure there is stuff I have forgotten. I probably should have said something about psionics, but then again, there will be a psionics book. Perhaps the Kalashtar could be in that. It would make sense, and then even the dreaming dark, as some sort of psionic dreamy boggeymen.
I agree on all the elements you mentioned.

Action Points are necessary for the pulp feeling - although yes, they should be more than simply a get-out-of-jail card when you failed a save. I also like the additional uses proposed in several books and articles, such as granting extra uses on the holy day of your god or when your birth-moon is full in the sky.

Dragonmarks are pretty much a sine-qua-non. First, there's the bonus to a skill check; they make you better not only at crafting, but also more apt to pick up information (Mark of Shadow), enhance your senses (Mark of Detection), and so forth - and of course, grant magical abilities that are nice by themselves but above all allow the use of dragonshard items. Eberron's economy works only based on the principle that the dragonmarks are needed to make a Lightning Rail or Speaking Stone work, so that should be included. So dragonshard items should make the list.

For races, I agree as well. It should also be possible to play some monsters - goblinoids, for instance, and some of the creatures of Droaam.

I would add some kind of magewright class to your list, though: or something else that allows low-level NPCs to use some magic in their everyday trades.
to my mind, artificers are essential in Eberron, given how magic is treated as scientific and reliable and how artifice issmakin to engineeringnand related to many breakthrough inventions in Eberron. Converting the class is, in my opinion, part of the core of Eberron in dndnext

-1 an actual, well produced and well laid out campaign setting book.  
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