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Hybrid skald (bard, Heroes of the Fey WIld) Every other variant class has it's own hybrid form. Also a feat for skalds


The class has the same details as the hybrid bard, except:
Skald's Aura replaces Majestic Word, and has the same hybrid restrictions.

Master of Story and Song replaces Bardic Virtue.


Daring performer [arena fighting] (d368, bard HotF 59): When you would use a Skald at will, you can make a Bluff check to gain combat advantage against the targetted enemy until the end of your next turn as a free action. You can still use Bluff in this way only once per encounter. 


This is to give vampires a striker damage roid, which they need.


Vampire feature: Spend blood
When you hit with an attack, you can spend health to increase the damage roll by an equal amount up to your primary mod, and or take ongoing damage equal to that mod to increase the damage of the attack by twice that ongoing. At 11th level increase this to 2x base, 3x @ 21rst.

Also, their at will that gives them temporary health could be half of the damage they do with that attack.* 





Psion adept: This theme helps explore and expand the potential of psions, like the order adept d399 does with wizards.


The potential of psions is shared by many of the hopeful users with their abilities. Braving the apathy of those who know how full the dedication to it used to have to be, 

they teach it when they feel it would be okay to do so.

Starting feature:
Psion teachers teach their students the benefits of having mental discipline and of being flexible when rigidity is not needed.
Pick one power from the psion's discipline focus class feature. You can use that power. You can take psion feats that require it. You also can use staves as implements.

Additional Features

Level 5 Feature
Your mind's capacity is better as is it's discipline, and it's flexibility has aided both.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to a skill's checks from the psion's list, chosen when taking this theme.
If you have a spellbook, add one 2nd-level psion
utility power to it. If you don’t have a spellbook,
you can choose psion utility powers of a particular
level or lower when you gain or retrain utility
powers of that level. 

Level 10 Feature
Because of your continued mental focus, your mind's potential is manifest.
Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Will. Your bonus
to your chosen skill's checks from this theme increases to +4.

Optional powers:
As the order adept theme, but far reaching and mnemonic enhancer's arcane keyword is replaced with psionic, and the last instead requires that you have spent all your power 

points, to allow regaining power points to fully augment the lowest level possible psionic at will attack.




Hengeyokai are animalistic changelings, here's an innate racial power to give them CA. It ain't broke..


Smell fear: Encounter minor action range touch, one creature. Make an insight check against the target's diplomacy score + 10. If successful, gain combat advantage until the end of your next turn.

For single target casters who are worried about minions: Spiteful familiar: prerequisite have a familiar. When an enemy adjacent to your active familiar moves or uses an area or ranged power, you can deal your primary ability mod in damage as an opportunity action if you can see the target.

One, formatting is your friend.

Two, monks can already be "single target strikers" (it's called "Desert Wind") and be enabled (Stone Fist/Eternal Tide, Internalize the Basic Kata, Babau Gauntlets). 
Monks scale terribly badly with their existing single target damage

Desert Wind is a thing that exists.  Full stop.

and had to choose between single target and multitarget damage feats, with this at will and implement focus they can do both now.

This was never a problem.  Don't try to fix what isn't broken.

Monks combine well with executioners and scouts. Also, I've added ideas to help psions maintain effectiveness while diversifying with other classes.

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