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My friend is getting ready to run a Demon Queens Enclave campaign in a week or two, and I'm trying to work on how to interact with the party of non drow in order to make it to where they don't wish to kill me during the first time we stop to sleep. Long story short, I'm the only drow in this party that is being formed pretty much to only run Demon Queen, so we haven't done any of the previous modules together. My DM's plot hook was going to be that a person of power is hiring a group of adventurers to investigate a sudden drop of communications between his city and an agent he had at the Drow Outpost. My character is supposed to be one of the body guards for the leader of the Fire Knives Assassins guild in Westgate after he left the Underdark after he renounced Lolth and the Drow after he was nearly sacrificed to Orcus and another diety saved him. He's been working as an assassin of the Fire Knives in Westgate, and because of the reputation he had been making for himself, the lord whos putting the expedition together has offered to hire my character as the groups guide and translator to the underdark and back, with the condition that if he can help them get their mission done and ensure the group gets back safely he would recieve a hefty bonus added to his contract. 

My drow is a evil ranger/seeker hybrid (or might just be a plain ranger depending on if we have someone else working as a controller in the group), his main goal that he has at the moment is to try and make sure that he always is able to keep living the comfortable life in Westgate that he has been able to achieve. To this end he has no qualms when it comes to killing people, but he normally only wishes to kill those that he's either paid to kill, or those who stand in his way as obstacles. He likes to think that when it comes to being a sniper he is one of the best, and he happens to have a rather special hatred towards Orcus and those who follow him, as well as to Lolth and other Drow. The backstory I came up with for him does have him though tending to act very peppy and happy when dealing with people, always smiling and being nice. He mainly does it out his own sense of self preservation and to furfill his main goal of living a comfortable life with no wants for anything. 

The battlemind in the party has the dm being nice and giving her a useless npc goblin slave/pet that she found and picked up, that apparently was cursed by orcus so that any time he should die, he'll come back to life with a new perfectly functioning body within a few minutes. (The dm wants to screw around with the other players and keep the mood of the game light by having the goblin be used for humor. He plans on having a running gag similar to DBZ abriged's krillin owned counter.) I know that a few times during the game I wanted to have something happen to where like after an extended rest the party wakes up to my character making them roasted goblin for breakfast and offer everyone including the goblin slave some. Other than that, any ideas for how to try and roleplay the character effectively without either falling into the trap of just acting like a homocidal dick or else falling into the Drittz DoUrden archetype would be greatly appreciated.
You want the rest of the party to accept your presence and not kill you at the first extended rest? Then act like the professional that you are supposed to be, and don't do this:

I know that a few times during the game I wanted to have something happen to where like after an extended rest the party wakes up to my character making them roasted goblin for breakfast and offer everyone including the goblin slave some.

because then you are

just acting like a homocidal dick

The background above is just fine, and should be good enough for you to allow you to demonstrate your worth before the party feels like they need to decide whether you live or die.

Evil does not mean homicidal. Evil does not even necessarily mean cruel. Evil means that that the means by which you attempt to accomplish your goals are means that good characters might not consider. You don't need to backstab the party, you don't need to cook their servants. You simply need to be the ruthless, efficient killer that you must be in order to rise to the high position that you already hold within Westgate. Be a professional. If this means that the rest of the party sometimes questions whether you are Evil or simply Unaligned, then it means you are doing it right.

If these characters are planning to go beyond the Demon Queen's Enclave, then you need to be more valuable than you are a hindrance, and that means being so good at what you do that the rest of the party is willing to overlook your lack of mercy and compassion and offer you a ridiculously generous retainer to travel with them. If your "evil" is so overt that they question your value, then you should not expect to outlive your usefulness in the current adventure.

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