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Seeing that Encounter-Chargers are a dying breed, due to often producing overkill while having to spend important resources, i want to try to make the best I can out of the concept.

I tried around with other class combos, but Fightbarian works best, imo, due to massive support in terms of IA/free action attacks while being MC independent in terms of feat support.

So, Encounter-Charging is the only thing that's locked for this build.

Furthermore it utilizes RAI-less RAW in form of wielding both, a Reaper's Axe Gouge and a Reaper's Axe Gauntlet Axe at the same time.

The reason why this works by RAW has been mentioned before, so here in short: Gauntlet Axe's wording makes it an item that is wielded without occupying an item slot, so Dwarfs are actually able to perform powers, that require you to "wield two weapons" or to "wield an off-hand weapon" while using this weapon combo. They don't meet the prerequisites for powers that explicitly need you to "wield a weapon in the off-hand", tho, cause your off-hand is still unoccupied.

This is from importance for our PP's gimmicks and Opportunist's Rend as a kill cycle expander. It would have much bigger impact on other class's options, tho (hello, Ranger).

This build's main shtick is about using two Reaper's Axes. In combination with Encounter-Charging's terrific initial damage, the Reaper's Axe's double proccs and the Belt of Breaching (optionally Storm Step in late epic) create a pretty nasty attack sequence in r1. TP boosters are optional.

Note that the dual Reaper's Axe kill cycle is a common known thing and doable by every non-LFR build that has a strong nova and free/no action attacks that trigger off MBAs. In best case it would have to be a Dwarf for obvious reasons, especially for encounter-chargers, just for the synergy. Genasi will do equally well, from 11 to 26 even better, if you only want to stand and bang for a little more opportunity cost in form of feats. For the whole package Genasi will be too feat starved (would basically either lose Gouge and therefore Surprising Charge, as well, or would have to drop some of the other golden stuff for the proficiency/feat damage feats; anyway it works as well, since Genasi are...Genasi), so i chose Dwarf.

The Shocking Flame via Reincarnate Champion/Soul of the World problem of (questionably) either having to spend an extra feat for it or not being able to pick it at all, is widely known.

This build bypasses it by training out of Dwarven Weapon Training at lvl 25, commiting suicide (oops) at 26, reincarnating as Genasi and retraining into Dwarven Weapon Training again.

This way he has his main shtick for his whole career while still gaining premium access to Genasi and Morninglord (without having to spend a feat) awesomeness, at least for his last few levels before retiring.

Note that with the race switch the build loses +1AC/Ref from Winged Shield and his few second wind enhancing items render meaningless.

The feats of this build aren't in the most ideal order yet and items are kinda mixed, since i tried around a bit.

Corellon's Boon is for Misty Step and either Dimensional Step or Greater Echoing Weapon.

Tactics are basically Encounter charging in r1 and standing/banging in r2+. Note that this build highly profits from enabling leader's due to his massive amount of free action attacks.
In best case attack sequence in t1 is like: SoB/HoB on charge -> kill,TP -> 1 MBA + Opportunist's Rend -> kill,TP -> 2 MBAs + Trip up -> kill,TP -> 1 MBA + Opportunist's Rend, if it has been recharged yet, for another kill or just 2 MBAs which will most likely end the sequence.
If you have to mix in one of your free action attacks earlier on to finish something off, the sequence gets shortened a bit.
At the very least it should kill 2 standards in its t1. Due to excellent Fighter Dailies, an Elite + at least 1 standard shouldn't be a problem, either.
Having a second triple hitter from lvl 11 on makes incredible encounter AP novas, as well.

Note, that you have to expect table variation in terms of Belt of Breaching's property being a surge drainer or not. Even on CharOP opinions diverge.

Concerns and thoughts about the build:

Stat spread is a thing, but we're making up for his via HT. I'm no fan of crit op normally, but still I wanted to go for Axe Mastery later on, simply due to the huge amount of attacks, this build dishes out per turn. And, with Reaper's Axe potential overkill isn't even unappreciated. Solitaires, Symbol of Victory, Epic Resurgence and Rampage complement the package.

Spear Mastery only applying to the Gouge is kind of unsatisfying. Con third not being that big of a problem for Dwarf, at least.

I don't want to drop Surprising Charge, since an additional 3[W]/4[W] on SoB/HoB is nice to have, so, going for Dex secondary was the way for me. Being able to keep both, +1 hit and OoE is nice, as well and there's minor synergy with my PP, as well. And hey, there's always Elven Chain Shirt.

Any of the possibilities here (MC BCL, Fighter Armor, Barbarian Unarmored Agility)has its advantages and downdraws at the same time. I considered HT: Barbarian Agility but chose +1 hit since the defenses are fine. One could just retrain out of BA, as soon, as Elven Chain Shirt comes to play, as well.

Powers: Kirre's Roar happens to be extremely nice for hybrid Fighters. Especially since you tend to kill most things in your turn anyway, before gaining profit out of your mark in form of punishment. So, basically this guarantees you 2 rounds of IA, if set up correctly, for when Rock Tree Rage is on cooldown.

Opportunist's Rend is very important for this build. Before epic it can either be used as Encounter-Charge Lite or to enhance the procc sequence of Reaper's Axes. From epic on it's for the latter only.

Rain of Blows gets obsolete by lvl 11 anyway. The "problem" (kind of an extravagant one, i have to admit) of this build is his high amount of top tier standard actions, anyway. So, at least one of the triple hitters has to go by 27 anyway.

Action economy problems are a thing, tho. It's basically attaching 2 whetstones vs Kirre's Roar + OoE (the former one being difficult to implement into a charge setup before r2, anyway) or Battle Fury Stance + OoE. In epic one surely could just attach one and use either OoE (when charging) or Kirre's Roar (when being enabled and standing and banging) and attach the second one in r2. And there's Battle Fury Stance, as well.

Feats: Superior Reflexes instead of Wintertouched/Improved Defenses to end it right now!
Primal Resurgence to recharge Surge of Fury or Spur the Cycle. In rare cases even Rock Tree Rage.


====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Grim, level 30
Shield Dwarf, Barbarian/Fighter, Shock Trooper, Reincarnate Champion
Hybrid Talent Option: Fighter Combat Talent
Fighter Combat Talent Option: Two-handed Weapon Talent (Hybrid)
Epic Vitality Option: Epic Vitality Strength
Past Spirit Option: Past Spirit (Gnoll)
Past Spirit Option: Past Spirit (Genasi)
Missing Master (Missing Master Benefit)
Theme: Ironwrought

STR 28, CON 17, DEX 22, INT 10, WIS 16, CHA 12

STR 16, CON 13, DEX 14, INT 8, WIS 14, CHA 10

AC: 46 Fort: 42 Ref: 42 Will: 42
HP: 206 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 51

Athletics +28, Insight +28, Perception +28, Religion +22

Acrobatics +20, Arcana +17, Bluff +18, Diplomacy +18, Dungeoneering +22, Endurance +19, Heal +20, History +17, Intimidate +20, Nature +20, Stealth +20, Streetwise +18, Thievery +20

POWERS (E7 and E17 can be switched)

A1: Howling Strike
A1: Dual Strike
E1: Surprising Stab
D1: Driving Attack
U2: Battle Fury Stance
E3: Thundering Howl
D5: Rage of the Crimson Hurricane
U6: Savage Growl
E7: Opportunist's Rend
D9: Jackal Strike
U10: Surge of Fury
E13: Storm of Blades (replaces Surprising Stab)
D15: Sudden Opportunity (replaces Driving Attack)
U16: Spur the Cycle
Skill Power: Insightful Riposte
E17: Trip Up (replaces Thundering Howl)
D19: Rock Tree Rage (replaces Rage of the Crimson Hurricane)
U22: Kirre's Roar
E23: Opportunist's Rend (replaces Opportunist's Rend)
D25: Jackal Strike (replaces Jackal Strike)
E27: Hurricane of Blades (replaces either Opportunist's Rend or SoB)
D29: Sudden Onslaught (replaces Jackal Strike)

You may keep SoB in a low op party. In a high op party this is the way to go, imo, since all depends on maxed out r1 devastation.

Level 1: Dwarven Weapon Training
Level 2: Axe Expertise
Level 4: Hybrid Talent
Level 6: Disciple of Divine Wrath
Level 11: Lasting Frost
Level 12: Superior Will
Level 14: Surprising Charge
Level 16: Skill Power
Level 18: Superior Reflexes
Level 21: Brutal Charge
Level 21: Fierce Charge
Level 22: Axe Mastery
Level 22: Superior Initiative
Level 23: Epic Will
Level 24: Epic Resurgence
Level 26: Shocking Flame
Level 28: Primal Resurgence
Level 30: Martial Mastery

Key items:

Winged Shield Light Shield
Reaper's Axe Gouge +6 
Reaper's Axe Gauntlet axe +6
Belt of Breaching
Elven Chain Shirt (epic tier)
Iron Armbands of Power (epic tier) 
Horned Helm (epic tier) 
Marauder's Elderhide Armor +6 
Badge of the Berserker +6 
Corellon's Boon of Arcane Might (level 28)
Ring of Free Time 
Phantom Chaussures

-> Phantom Chaussures being always on (due to mass movement) and Marauder's Elderhide Armor being on the first 2 rounds (so basically the whole encounter), combined with Elven Chain Shirt and Winged Shield make you darn hard to kill.

Optional items: 

Ring of Fury
Relentless Spirit
Nature's Fervor (level 3)
Gloves of Ice (epic tier) 
Siberys Shard of Merciless Cold (epic tier)
Frozen Whetstone (heroic tier)
Pelor's Sun Blessing (level 3)
Boots of the Mighty Charge 
Avandra's Boon of Escape (level 3)
Backlash Tattoo
Mercurial Mind (heroic tier)
Dice of Auspicious Fortune
Belt of Titan Strength
Ring of the Radiant Storm
Five Stars Five Strikes
Cloak of Distortion +6
Circlet of Arkhosia (epic tier)
Ring of Giants
Stone of Earth
Solitaire (Aquamarine)
Solitaire (Violet)
Symbol of Victory +2
Mummified Hand
Salve of Power
Crown of the Brilliant Sun

====== End ======

Looking forward to your answers. Every attempt of improvement is much appreciated!

No one?
That's a lot of text, man.. try ["sblock=build"]   build  ["/sblock"]  without the quotation marks.

Other than that:

If you're hybriding fighter, grab those U6 and U10 powers, clearheaded and the one which name I always forget that give a bonus to saving throws versus pretty much any condition.

I would grab Surprising Charge before Lasting Frost 

The build is fine, I think most of us have some version stored on our computers.

like there could be some useful text here
Hmm, i'm pretty well equiped vs daze, dominate and stun and immobilized/slowed ain't a problem, as well, due to TP, at least in a party with an Arti or Warlord for movement in the opening round, if team player loses initiative, which is unlikely with a warlord, anyway.
Surge of Fury in combination with Primal Resurgence trivializes two encounters a day. Superior Will makes up for the rest.
And i don't like Clearheaded too much, since it's only vs SE effects.
Also, what should i skip, if i decided to take it? Kirre's Roar is 2 rounds of guaranteed IAs if encounters should last 3 rounds, which is unlikely, at least in the maxed out nova build. 
On the other side it's the only way to trigger Combat Challenge, at least vs standard enemies, since everything else that marks should outright kill the target in my turn. 
Battle Fury Stance is awesome, but hurts in terms of action economy, as well. At least this gets better in epic with Ring of Free Time.
Picking Clearheaded also means to delay Surge of Fury, which hurts.

It appears I am a little late to the party. Stop charging so far in front of me! 


Questions: 1) What is your melee basic attack modifier, 35 I guess? 2) Have you done any calculations on your DPR, at least for round 1?


I am just curious as I am creating a slightly similar build but not really with a Tempest Fighter MC into Barbarian Wielding a Carnage Handaxe and a Reaper's Guantlet Axe. At least we are similar with the off-turn and free action attacks, I'm just less greedy and only taking one Reaper's axe, lol. I just want to compare the accuracy aspect and how that might affect DPR.


My build is more Second Wind-centric, to take advantage of Mighty Surge in the big battle and Disciple of Vengeance constantly. Vengeance over Divine Wrath would at least free up some coveted minor action space, imo.


So, its been a while since you have built this. Any lessons learned, thoughts for improvement or reflection from you, the creator? Any comments for someone in the creation process of a similar build who is relatively new to 4E?



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