6/17/2013 FTL: "Assembling Contraptions"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's From the Lab, which goes live Monday morning on magicthegathering.com.

So you write an article called "assembling contraptions" and don't mention steamflogger boss, even in passing.
Comedy fails without subtlety.  The title was a stand-alone joke.
Comedy fails without subtlety.  The title was a stand-alone joke.

Stand-alone joke? Sorry, but to me it sounds rather like cheap tabloid title meant for attracting readers at all costs, no matter what. Something like lets make title "Beer is healthy, drink it often" and then write article, explaining study why milk is not good for adults.
Admittedly, the joke only works for some players.  You're obviously among those who see the title and immediately assume it's about Steamflogger Boss.  There are others who see the title and assume it's just a different way to describe putting together a combo deck.  The joke works for the people occupying the center portion of that venn diagram.
I think something more akin to "The Assembly Line" or something like that would have been more suitable.

No offense, but anyone who's seen Steamflogger Boss before will immediately assume that the article is about him and his cheery rhyme. I opened the article and was quite sad when the search for Boss turned up nothing.

While newer players might not make that connection...it is Modern Week. I was hoping to see some Moriok Riggers, Changelings, and maybe even Mistform Ultimus.

The actual article is good. Just saying that you're setting yourself up with that title.
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Just something to point out, unrelated to Steamflogger Boss, Counterspell isn't modern legal. With it being modern week, I'm assuming the decks were suppose to be modern legal, so I'd recommend changing Counterspell to something legal in the format. My suggestion is  Stoic Rebuttal or  Mana Leak.
The Rite of Fire deck should definitely be playing Triskelion.  As memory serves, it was sometimes played alongside the Mephidross Vampire during the original Mirrodin block (admittedly both as one-offs in Tooth and Nail, but still) for their ability to shoot down the opponent's team.  Of course, if you have any two of the Vampire and the Rite, Trike immediately gets arbitrarily large and kills soon thereafter.  It's much easier than messing around with stuff like Power of Fire, which you can't ever play on-curve and is just asking to get 2-for-1ed.
Ooh, I've been wanting to make a playable Psychogenic Probe deck for ages - I think you might have cracked it!

A couple of tweaks I'd like to make, though. Add White for Open the Vaults, add Krark-Clan Ironworks, add Mesmeric Orb, cut all four copies of Tezzeret (because it gives an alternate path to victory), cut all four Counterspells (they don't really do enough), cut one each of Lantern, March, Probe, Station and Elixir, add a land.

That way the deck can self-mill components into the 'yard and set up to win when Open the Vaults resolves (hopefully sooner rather than later c/o Ironworks).

It might also want to swap out some more copies of things for Transmute cards... not sure without testing!
I agree with comment #8 in that this combo is infinitely simpler with Triskelion which definitely was in that block. The extra rites don't hurt, but I think you are building an uphill battle for yourself. Mirrodin was my most played block and you get props for making psychogenic probe playable. 
The combo is definitely simpler with Triskelion, but I assumed everyone had already seen that combo because of the old Tooth and Nail decks and I wanted to do something more unique.
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