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I think that you should play some land to help you cast all those spells. ;)
I am running 23 land >_>
How consistent are your mana? Turn 2 Troll -> Silverblade looks tricky, especially since Farseek comes in too late to help out on that account. Maybe some Avacyn's Pilgrim would be worth considering; unless of course you have the dough to just replace Troll with Voices (although they *are* catching some hate in this meta).
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I agree that Avacyn's Pilgrim should be here. I like smiter > the troll in this deck. It's also easier on the mana i feel.

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I've tried Avacyn's Pilgrim, he felt clunky since half the time people killed him off before I got any value out of him. The farseek looks odd but it helps ensure that my manabase is stable and also helps me keep up with my six 5drops. I don't mind discarding my creatures to Lotleth and if it's a problem take out 2 silverblade and bring in Angel of Serenity from sideboard. Is that enough to justify it?
So, for value you can run unburial rites because...well you have those colors and you can pitch dudes to your lotleth troll to re-animate...other than that i'm not sure how often i feel like your gonna get a t2 lotleth t3 silverblade pair and dome them for a bunch. Also, go ahead and get on Blood Barron, he is wayyy more betta right now than some others... i'd drop 1 centaur healer and 1 obzedaddy for 2 blood barron's.
So I looked at the deck, I didn't want to play a reanimater but as I am running the colors it comes out that way anyways. So here's what it looks like, a more aggressive deck.
Lotleth Troll 4
Loxodon Smiter 4
Restoration Angel 4
Thragtusk 4
Avacyn's Pilgrim 4
Angel of Serenity 2
Unburial Rites 4
Grisly Salvage 4 or Mulch 4 trying to figure out which is quicker
Lingering Souls 4
Garruk Relentless 1
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad 2
If you play reanimator, make sure you have a response for Rest in Peace and Ground Seal, at least in sideboard. Personally I tend to side in Deathrite Shaman or Purify the Grave against reanimator.
If your going the rites plan with lotleth troll I would pick up some lingering souls and craterhoof behemoth and go that route. Hoof there it is seems good right now with all the aggro running around.
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