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I just started DMing a couple of months ago. I use a loot rolling system that randomly selects items from pretty much all of the 4e written material.

Yesterday, I awarded one of the party members two items:

  • Belt of Fragile Guard (From Adventurer's Vault 2)

  • Hammer of Victory (From Dragon Magazine 391)

These items didn't come up in the equipment search panel. Should they have? If not, what publications does the character builder have items from and which publications does it not?

They're there. I could find both items using the Find Equipment.
It seems like the reason I'm not able to find those items is because when I originally created that character, I selected D&D Home as the campaign setting.

  1. Is there any way to convert an existing character to Dark Sun or whatever I need to be able to use all of those items?

  2. Which campaigns give you access to which sets of items?

1) There is no way unfortunatly.

2) I don't know. 
Export the XML, edit the XML, import the XML?

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