[3.5] Pre-Written Adventures for Dark Sun with Little Conversion?

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Hi, I'm trying to start up an adventuring group using the athas.org version of the Dark Sun rules and I was wondering if any adventures (Pathfinder, Dungeon Magazines, Modules) struck out as being easily able to be converted to a Dark Sun campaign?
The Legacy Of Fire adventure path wouldn't be too much of a stretch to adapt to Dark Sun.  Going by your title, I presume you want to play 3.5, yes?  Also, I belive Paizo released a module in their Dark Sun conversion.  It was pretty good, if I remember.  As for the TSR modules, most of them sucked.  The sourcebooks were MUCH more valuable for building adventures themselves, if memory serves.

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Some good pointers for the fellow hobbyist!:

I'm running TEARS OF THE CROCODILE GOD (from the past several months of Dungeon) in my Dark Sun game, probably in the fall. I'm working on the conversion over the summer, but I think it will not take too much effort. Basically:

* Crocodiles become "silt crocodiles" (which have telekinetic powers allowing them to "swim" through silt)
* I placed Bansouk on a little silt tributary going up into the mountains southeast of Altaruk; on the shore of the silt sea is a **** backwater Gulgan port town (Kirungu) built around a giant, ancient bridge, and all the sailors and scum in the town talk about the weird cultists who live a half a day upriver towards the mountains (this lets it be pretty disconnected from Athasian society)
* Most instances of water are replaced by silt, though there might be some rooms I have muddy water/silt in
* I have to rethink a bunch of traps and locks because it's really not realistic to have complex locks/traps that aren't metal. However, I might keep them as metal! The stone complex the temple is built on is incredibly ancient so they probably did have metal, and my players will be level 11+ by that point so even if they salvage some metal fixtures it's not going to break the game economy.
* Working on some way the Crocodile God can be a vestige of the old theistic Athas, before the gods all died. Maybe a primal spirit, original god, who knows. I'll figure that out in August.
There are already some good (few small and one big) adventures modules on athas.org.
The Siltskimmer Page - www.siltskimmer.org
like grum said, the athas.org info is great. i just wrapped one up in the dead lands. was a stellar arc. also, from 2e, "mindlords of the last sea" is a fun module im running right now. its mostly RP and such, so there really isnt much to convert, and what there is to convert can be fished out of the DSCC easily. also reading the prism pendant books have tons of inspiration.
Can the athas.org adventures cover an entire campaign or do they need to be supplemented?
Can the athas.org adventures cover an entire campaign or do they need to be supplemented?

hmmm.... thats a good question. depending on how long a campaign you want, and how much your party strays off script. but if i were to answer that using my party as reference, no. probably need to whip some stuff up here and there or borrow from other modules. but im sure it can take ya pretty far into paradigm tier.

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