Post for a Friend: Female Player Seeking D&D Game in California Central Valley (Hanford)

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Hi all,

A friend of mine, who's female, has become curious about D&D and is interested in finding a gaming group. Her problem: she lives in Hanford, California, a smallish town of 50,000 people in the middle of nowhere in the central valley.

If anyone is playing D&D in Hanford, or in a nearby town like Fresno, she'd love to be in your group! She doesn't know much about the different editions, but I think she'd prefer D&D Next, 2nd or 3rd edition to 5th. Ideally, she'd like a group with another female player already in it.

If anyone is interested, please send me an email at (my name) @ mockman dot com!

Many thanks,

(using my friend's account) 
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