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I know there are ton of "World/Campaign manager" programs out there, but I'm working on my own that I would likely make publicly available once complete.

One of the aspects of my program is the ability to randomly generate commoners for NPC interaction. (Up to and including populating an entire city.)  To that end, a portion of the program is to determine the carried and total wealth of an individual.  I've created the table below as a basis, but I'm trying to make it game realistic for what varying commoners would have based on profession (also randomly chosen at creation.)

This is not likely accurate as I've not done any math to determine the actual wealth levels, but rather just made a spread that I would kind of expect to see.  However, if I'm going to release it to the public for use at some point I figured I'd try to get some feedback on what others would expect to see.

Beggar wealth is the same on both charts intentionally due to the fact that they would most likely spend any money they got almost immediately.

Any help for the new guy?

Even just opinions on the current table? 
I don't see the point of the table.

I might just be missing something but it seems like a lot of effort and time, that could be better spent on more important things

No wonder the locals hate me.
The point lies within the creation of NPCs/Citizens.

It will randomly assign jobs to each person as it creates them.  When you're setting up your world there will be a list of jobs (to which you can add new jobs if you want) that will have a low and high wealth option.

IE:  A banker might have a wealth range from Middle To Wealthy or a baker might have a range from Lower Middle to Upper Middle.

When the person is generated and it chooses their job, the program will randomly determine which wealth level they are in based on the ranges for that job and will then randomly calculate their wealth from the appropriate table.

It's actually a rather important part of the program at large when you take into account the fact that you'll be able to generate almost any size of population.

Some people might not see a need to generate that many people for a game, but it basically gives you a ton of random NPCs for your character to interact with.  Also, as each person would also have their own description and list of family, it gives you a way to come up with other random encounters as well.

If the party goes off the beaten path (as happens from time to time) and into an area that you didn't have anything planned for, you can just pull up one of the random citizens, look at their info and base a small quest or some information from them.  And as you'll also be able to make notes for each person or assign quests to them it helps with the game management part of it.

The overall program will be pretty robust for tracking all aspects of the world & campain.  Players, NPCs, Notes, Cities, Ruins, Keeps, shops and inns, quests, maps, battles (with HP, status, initiative and a pop-out map with fog of war for people that use projectors & the like to play).

Some may not think it important and that is ok.

However, I'm looking to build a program I can use to build and track all of my campaigns and worlds.  Once complete, I would also be making it available to anyone else who might find it helpful (either in part of in full). 
Sounds cool, what are you writing it in?
I don't know how important an individual NPC's wealth is, but this is a neat idea. Maybe throw in a quirk to be generated for the NPC, too? Just a simple one or two line thing, "Likes sour apples" or "is an anarchist" Things like that.
Sounds cool, what are you writing it in?
I don't know how important an individual NPC's wealth is, but this is a neat idea. Maybe throw in a quirk to be generated for the NPC, too? Just a simple one or two line thing, "Likes sour apples" or "is an anarchist" Things like that.

I'm writing it in Visual Basic. (Yeah... I know. But it's the language I'm familiar with.)

The wealth of each of the NPCs just adds a layer to the person. That way if there's a rogue in the party (or whatever) and they want to pickpocket them, you'll have a realistic amount already at hand instead of having to roll it or make it up.  Or if they're sent to rob the house, the wealth of the house will be known.

I'm actually making it much more in depth than it really needs to be.
When it creates an NPC for the population of the town, it will decide their age, if they're married, if they have children (if its not a child that got rolled) who the parents are (rolled for children & adults, but not for elders), general height (short, tall, average), general weight, race, hair style, hair color, eye color, job, carried wealth, total wealth and a descriptor item (moody, nice, caring, greedy, etc.)

Then... if they're married it will create the spouse, then create children (if needed) and then create the parents (if needed). And within these items it will do all of the same things as for the base NPC so you'll have a full family tree.

And... if the character rolled is female, it will roll a maiden name and create parents & relations built from that as well.

I already have most of the coding worked out on paper for the paths & choices... I just need to populate the database tables with the starting choice info.

And this is all just one part of the overall larger program.

However, due to the lack of responses, I think I'm just going to move forward with the wealth table as I currently have it so I can keep moving along. 
Deep, indeed! I'll try to keep an eye out for any updates you post, quite a project..
And, hey, nothing wrong w/basic! =D
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