Melee Rounds and Turns and Deadly Strike

I would like to see some people weigh in on whether or not Deadly Strike can be used once per turn (meaning every initiative phase) or once per round.  There is dissent in our playtest group on what this language actually means.

Can a fighter with initiative 20 use Deadly Strike on his turn, then use it again on initiative 19 as part of an attack of opportunity, then again on intiative 18 as part of a second attack of opportunity.  The fighter has the Combat Reflexes feat allowing for two reactions per round.

Here is the exact text from the current playtest packet:

Deadly Strike
You are such a skilled combatant that your attacks deal more grievous wounds to your foes.
Once per turn, when you roll damage for an attack, you can roll the weapon’s damage dice twice and add the rolls together. At higher levels, you can roll the damage even more times: three times starting at 10th level, four times starting at 15th level, and five times at 20th level.

For the specific character build that spawned this discussion, reference:

Thanks in advance for you feedback!
I think it's once/turn, meaning you can apply the damage to one of your attacks, be it your proactive strike, or an opportunity strike.  I don't think it's meant to be applied to every single attack the character makes, especially if they have multiple attacks. It is called "Deadly Strike," after all, not "Deadly Strikes."  That's how I've been ruling it, anyway.
RAW says once per turn, meaning anybody's turn. So if you get multiple attacks on your turn, you can only use it on one, but if on the next turn you take an opportunity attack, you can use deadly strike again.
I'm pretty sure that you can use it both on your turn and on someone else's turn, but there's no reason why it needs to be so complicated in the first place. At the very least, this is an area which they could stand to clarify.
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Ah, I see.  I am coming at this from a different perspective (you have rounds, then a number of rounds=a turn and so on).  I see the problem now.

Perhaps the bonus should just apply to every attack, since DS is a way of giving fighters greater cache in combat. That's as simple as you can get -- you swing that puppy with full force every time.

Back in AD&D times 1 turn = 10 rounds.

Now since 3e each "turn" is each person's "turn to act" inside 1 combat round.

The way I see it, it's only "your turn" when it's actually your turn. When you make an attack of opportunity or something like that you're acting "outside of your turn" due to how reaction works. So no, no deadly strike on those. Only in the attack you actually make on your turn.

Also, judging by the ammount of damage involve I also believe that's what the developers intended. Though I might be wrong.

Of course the description of these things could desperately use some reviewing. And glad will be the day when all this deadly strike nonsense is just dropped and we get our good ol' multiple attacks back.

Too bad this day may not come, which to me will be the greatest deal breaker for Next. 
i to wish for multiple attacks hand and hand with an end to stacking bonuses and lazy feat/features that do not tell you to apply bonuses once per turn. rages +2 dmg on attacks once per turn and duel wield free attack not gaining str mod are good design. duel wield still gaining stacking mod such as spells and magic weapons bonus is bad design if not limited.

but any way back on topic by raw you get to deadly strike on once any turn. so those OA get deadly strike if the PC chooses to use it.
Deadly Strike can be apllied to damage once on any character's turn.

It's decent for TWF as athe character has a higher chance to deal damage.

If the greatweapon warrior misses on his turn, that's it (unless she's a high level barbarian).
A TWF gets 2 chances to apply the damage.

One of the issues withadding [W]s to TWF is writing the rule for it without it being overpowered or clunky sounding.

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Deadly strike is once on your turn plus once per anyone else's turn, don't forget the fighter has to be able to keep pace with casters.

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