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Nimozaran the Green is called High Septarch of Fallcrest in several places detailing that city. Now, clearly Fallcrest isn't large enough to host 7 powerful wizards (and, indeed, the setting material indicates he is the sole member of the guild in the city aside from his halfling apprentice).

Thus, I've decided there should be one High Septarch of each major settlement within the Nentir Vale, so Fallcrest, Hammerfast, Harkenwold, Winterhaven, and Nenlast. But that only brings us to 5 of the 7 Septarchs. Where would you place the other 2? 
This map should be helpful

these are each described in:

But perhaps not all the Septarchs are in major settlements, perhaps a human Transmuter has long studied amongst the Druids of Harken's Heart, or Perhaps a Shadar-Kai or Hamadryad witch is a septarch overlooking a Worldfall in the Nentir Vale?

Kiris Dahn might have once been the seat of a Septarch before overrun by goblins. After completing the slaying stone do the heroes need to find the missing Septarch? Or do they need to travel to Sarthel to recruit a young but promising wizard who may not wish to inherit a title in such a backwater? As a city ruled by mages perhaps Fastormel in ages past had long claimed the seat of the High Septarch in the vale until it was decimated, and while the seventh Septarch has not been appointed because the seventh Septarch chair is laid with a curse placed on it by the last High Septarch.

Of course the Septarch title could be a hold over from the Mage's guild when it housed a larger number, senile old Nimozaran may take "High Septarch" to be his right, but since he is short six peers most people consider the title ridiculous. 

Are there good NPC's already stated to be Septarchs?

Valthrun would likely be the Septarch of Winterhaven.
Vannamere would likely have once been a Septarch being a key defender of the vale.
No Wizards are mentioned as living in Harkenwold, perhaps Reithan the Druid is the Septarch there.

Hammerfast similarly has no one who stands out as a Septarch,
Loremaster Geld Seekingstone may have turned his back on the Septarch's in his desire for political power in Hammerfast
Either Farras Stonescript or Cherndon the Mad in the Lore Ward may be the only ghost Septarch
Or perhaps Idara is another Druidic Septarch 
Thanks for your response, Mac! This gives me lots to think about!

Awesome ideas there...

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