Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil in the Nentir Vale

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I'm beginning a new campaign that's kicking off with The Elder Elemental Eye from Dungeon 214 and then progressing into a conversion of 3E's Return. I'm replacing Hommlet with Fallcrest, obviously, and Easting (from EEE) is located along the Trade Road where the trail to Harkenwold splits off to the south, with the other adventure sites to the northeast in the Old Hills. I'm planning on setting the Ruined Moathouse along the trail from Fallcrest to the Ruins of Fastormel, the latter serving as a replacement locale for Nulb and the Temple itself. I'm considering placing Rastor and the Crater Ridge Mines/Fanes in the Ogrefist Hills where the Temple of Yellow Skulls currently rests. Would anyone familiar with the adventure do anything differently? Many thanks!
That actually sounds really good... I think you could easily say the Temple phases in and out of places like the Ghost Towers.

Nentir Vale will be my setting of choice for years to come, just because it is so easy to create stories there.

Indeed, that's a great suggestion for running the Temple in the Vale. And yes merb, I've so easily adapted even Pathfinder adventures to Nentir lore.

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