3.5e D&D player looking for a group in CALGARY!

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Just moved back to the city and looking to join a group or perhaps set a new one up! Easy going player, not the most experienced but with a good understanding of the rules. I own a decent amount of sourcebooks as well as dungeon tiles that I could bring to sessions and I can occasionally host. 
Bump! Still haven't found a group yet

Have you checked out Myth Games in the NE (near 36th St & 32nd Ave) or the Sentry Box (Just west of downtown on the other side of 14th St SW)


Both have available games and times of play where groups meet during the week. 




Willing to drive to Banff on Sundays?

About 6 years ago, I used to game a lot at Myth Games, before I moved from Calgary. The owner is a fantastic guy and had a lot of games running for Pathfinder, Star Wars, and 4th edition D&D.  I have no doubt that nothing has changed in this regard and I would definitely recommend you check it out. Best of luck finding a group. 

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