Epic Destiny - Saint - Endless Loop?

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I think I found an endless loop...er at least until you run out of Healing Surges...thoughts?

    Sanctified Touch (24th level): When you enable a creature adjacent to you to spend a healing surge, the recipient can also make a saving throw. When you grant a saving throw to a creature adjacent to you, that creature can also spend a healing surge. When you use the Heal skill, any creature you grant a saving throw or stabilize with a successful Heal check can spend a healing surge.

In other words, "Yo, you're next to me and I 'enabled' you to spend a healing surge- get a saving throw too.  Wait...I granted you a saving throw? Spend a healing surge...wait...I enabled you to spend a healing surge?  Get a saving throw..."

Rinse and repeat.
I think the spirit of the rules is that when one happens, you grant the free effect but this power does not occur of itself.
Frankly, I'd include this under Rule 7 (don't take the piss), and an extension of the legitmate targets rule (Page 40 of DMG)

Can I point to an exact rule for this? no, although the phrasing "when x, the recipent can also." seems to indicate this, I'm fairly sure it would say if it worked on itself, since this would be a massive effect.
What if you run out of things to save against?  That should almost always happen well before you run out of surges, unless something else gimmicky is going on.  So, I don't think this is such a big deal, in practice.
Basically, yeah.  You can only make a saving throw if you have something to save against - and this runs out of utility well before most characters run out of healing surges, given that spending 4 will put you at max HP from wherever you are, and then 1 more with your Cincture of Vivacity will be the most you can usefully spend anyway.  If someone was in the situation of needing that many surges and saves, and you were next to them and had a healing power or used first aid on them, I'd be fine with it.  It's an ED feature, EDs are supposed to be good.
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