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Hey guys, I will be playing in the 4e remake of the Against the Giants series (levels 12-18th) and was looking for some advice. Since most enemies will be Large, I want to make a small (or tiny) character that takes advantage of the size difference.  Any of the small or tiny races and any class or hybrid combo from any source is allowed. 

I don't know the party composition just yet so I'm really only concerned with things that will help me fight giants (and other Large enemies or enemies larger than me). What would be a good race/class? What would be some good feats? What weapons or items would be ideal? What powers should I take? What is a good Paragon Path? Thanks in advance! 
Way too generic to give good advice. What are you interested in related to class, role, tasks in and out of combat, etc..

Both halflings and goblins have damage-vs-larger-enemies feats, generally not worth it to optimise around though. 
I want to be small race and take a class/feats/powers/items/PP amd optimize being small (and facing Large creatures). I understand that this is not a normal way to optimize, please indulge me.  Maybe you could give me the names of the feats you mentioned in your post? 
Hmm not really that many feats.

Lets see looking it over quickly
has the feats
Lost in the Crowd +2 to AC when you are adjacent to two larger enemies
Second Step second chance against larger enemy, shift half speed
Ankle Cutter (rogue) instead of sneak attack damage, slow large or larger enemy

Goblin has
Ankle Biter +1/+2/+3 feat bonus on damage and +1d6 on crit against larger enemies
Goblin Totem weapons
Some more feats that may fit the bill but more optimizing fighting against large then optimizing being small.

Beneath Notice CA against Large and larger when you and allly are adjacent
Giant Killer +1d6 on crit against Large and larger
Pick Expertise
+1/+2/+3 to attack with picks, +1/+2/+3 damage against enemy that is larger then you
(small size) +1/+2/+3 damage when wielding versatile weapon in two hands
Small Warriors Defence (fighter) +2 AC and reflex when wielding versatile weapon in both hands

Light Blade Precicion +2 damage boost with light blades against Large and larger

Basically, goblin totem heavy war pick plus pick expertise.  Beneath Notice is probably worthwhile,  light blade precision definitely is (though ATG isn't ALL large critters).  Most of the 'against larger things' feats aren't worth taking though - there are against everything feats which do the same or better in almost all cases.
Harrying your Prey, the Easy Way: A Hunter's Handbook - the first of what will hopefully be many CharOp efforts on my part. The Blinker - teleport everywhere. An Eladrin Knight/Eldritch Knight. CB != rules source.
Having played the same line of adventures (not as a small character), I'll echo the sentiment that it's not worth optimizing for the small vs. large matchup.  Much more important considertations would be having a competent scout (party role, not the class), resource management with an eye for long trips into dungeons (Rope Trick, Comrade's Succor, Vistani Buzuq), and save enabling (always a good thing).
Small Warrior's Defense is pretty nice when stacked onto another class with a built-in "two-hander compensation bonus" like Avenger or Battle Cleric's Lore. Add in Lost in the Crowd and maybe Nimble Dodge and you're really hard to hit.

Giantslayer is probably not the best PP you could choose, but it's not horrible and sounds like a great fit for the campaign.

And if nothing else, Goblin Totem Weapons are a super cheap item bonus that are more flexible in application than something like Iron Armbands of Power.
Thanks for the adice guys. I've decided to go with a halfling so that I can take Underfoot (move through Large creatures spaces without provoking). I'd like to try a monk|rogue hybrid. Can this work? What feats/weapons/implements do I need? How do I combine the rogue powers (which ussualy need a light blade) with monk powers (which are implement based)? It seem like this hybrid should work since both classes are DEX based but there look sto be some issues with the weapon/implement. Any advice?  
First, there is a new Monk handbook, check it out

Secondly, Halflings get a great level 6 utility for melee characters called Minor Threat 
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