In need of a Dungeon Master for a group of noob's!

So, I'm trying to assemble a group(got a few people, but were not very experienced with DnD). I want to do it over skype as we live all over the world, and it's hard to get around, and I wan't to stream it via twitch. I was wondering if I could find a DM that could help a group of noobs experience the wonder of DnD? 

I would greatly appreciate it, and I am on skype, inbox me here and I'll give ye my skype ^_^. I Very much appreciate this and I hope i'm in the right spot.

Much Love and thanks! 
I can't DM for you, but I will give my 2 coppers on D&D using Skype. I have tried it on Skype before and found that using Google Hangouts combined with Roll20 works much better for me. Not sure if that is an option for you, but both are free and you can have up to 10 people on Hangouts. 
I'll do it! We talking DND next here, or 4e? I'm happy with either.


 My Psion for Next

Updated 31/4/14


This will sound very contrived and self-serving, but I spent a lot of time designing this class - so it Psionics is your thing, please give it a quick read and your two cents.


Any DnD is fine, I'm not picky, I've never done DnD before so, your choice =D. My party won't mind anyway, add me on skype. Rpirvine =D, We'll talk there =D!
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