3.5 Baldur's Gate - surprises needed

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I'm going to start up a 3.5 version of Baldur's Gate, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for surprises to throw at players familiar with that PC D&D classic. 

I'm not using the *recruitable* NPCs, ie: Imoen, Minsc, Jaheira, Khalid, Edwin etc as the party will be big enough already (assuming I can get decent numbers, anyway) although other NPCs like Gorion, the Thunderhammer Smithy guy, Winthrop, Bently Mirrorshade, etc are present. Other than that it's fairly true to the game, although I have to finish reading the 3.0 campaign setting.

Obviously, the pen and paper version is larger in scope, what with variations on races, region feats and equipment, the sheer crowd of deities, etc. You actually have to use equipment like bedrolls and food and stuff, too. The spell list is much bigger too. Etc etc.

I was half-seriously considering some Dragonball Z references. Like an Ogre and Hobgoblin duo named like non-trademark-infringing rearrangements of Nappa and Vegeta who're going around terrorising the neighbourhood. And they're were-apes. That'll get a LOL out of *at least* one player, if not all four of what is looking to be fairly regular players (based on attendance of sessions so far in two other campaigns).

*goes to stat up two non-Saiyan Saiyans.*