Sacred Flame Question

I had a problem with the way Sacred Flame was written.
It states that as a cantrip, I can cast it for 1d8 radiant damage at 25 ft if the target fails a dex check.
However, it states damage increases when I cast it at a caster level of 5th (2d8), 10th (3d8), 15th?? (4d8), and 20th (5d8).

Currently, I'm 5th level and casting at 3rd level. Did Wizards, perhaps, mean to write level and not caster level?
If not, I don't think Mordenkainen himself would be considered a 20th level caster.

The rules only go to level 9 caster, which a player reaches at 20th level (Epic)
Clerics reach caster level (CL) 5 at level 9, and CL 10 at level 18. Using that progression, I can expect to hit 5d8 on Sacred Flame if I hit 36th level on my Cleric.
By then I imagine I would no longer be a cleric, but a god.

Your caster level in the the number of levels you have in a primary caster class like Wizard or Sorc, plus 1/2 the number of levels you have in a secondary casting class such as Ranger, Paldin etc.

Therefore a 20th level wizard has a caster level of 20.
As far as I can see anywhere there is no mention of caster level anywhere except on the rules of cantrips. Common sense leads me to believe it's just talking about the level of the caster.

As for the response directly above, I see no mention of caster level anywhere for any class, let alone the 1/2 rule for hybrid type classes anywhere. On that note, I don't see any rules so far mentioning anything about multiclassing at all.
That sounds right. Since multiclassing is something we haven't seen yet, "caster level" is one of those references to things not yet fully developed. For now, I'd take it to mean nothing other than "level of the caster".
Caster level has never meant the same thing as spell level, character level, dungeon level, or challenge level, now should we go up a level or down a level? :DAnyway caster level is the number of levels of the caster class you have.

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Yeah I thought it was a little silly as well, but my GM finally agrees that it's supposed to be at the level of the caster.
That or he felt sorry for how Clerics got totally gimped  in the newest edition.

Thanks guys
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